Let’s go shopping!

What a day, it was so hot! During the last week we had almost every day around 30 degrees (centigrade), and believe me,  that temperature plus the humidity of Buenos Aires is not the best combination.

So, in order to avoid the weather, I tried to do something with AC and no humidity so …  I decided to go shopping! Don’t you think it was the best solution? But I don’t want to be selfish so I am going to share with you some of the things that I saw in the stores here in Buenos Aires; there are great designers and fun cloths.

In addition to the weather, last Thursday it was my birthday, I turned 39 years old … ouch! Only one year before turning 40, any suggestion about what to do in this last year of my 30’s? I am not sure … but meanwhile I will continue shopping so at least I will be very well dressed!

See you soon!


The stores that I mentioned are: Paula Cahen D’anvers, Chocolate, Ayres, Maria Cher, Wanama and Rapsodia.

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