Show your face, don’t cover it!

Today we are going to talk about something that we use all the time, no matter the weather, if there is sun we put them on, or if we have a sight problem … yes, I am talking about the sun glasses and the regular eyeglasses.

There are two common mistakes when we buy this accessory:

• Sunglasses – the UV protection is not always a priority.
• Sometimes we don’t choose properly the shape of the glasses and they end up covering instead of completing our face.

The first problem is the most important since you have to use sunglasses with real UV protection to avoid retina damages. Don’t skimp on that, invest in your eyes, ignore the cheap glasses better to buy one with a good protection and not having many beautiful sunglasses but useless.

The second problem is easy to solve if you know the type of your face, you have to use a shape that is not the same as the shape of your face to create balance. Also you have to leave visible your eyebrow growth, don’t cover it. The best glasses for each face is as follow:

Narrow face – straight frame, wide arms, and the edge has to protrude a little from the face.

Square face – rounded frame, thin arms, the glasses have to be on your cheekbone.

Heart and diamond face – square frame with wide arms. The frame has to be thicker in the top and thinner on the bottom.

Triangle face – the frame has to be with a straight line on the top and rounded line on the bottom to make the forehead wider.

Upside triangle face – the frame is rounded on the top and straight on the bottom, just the opposite that the triangle face, here the effect that you have to create is to make wider the lower part of your face. Wide arms.

Oval face – you can use almost any kind of glasses, avoid the small square ones because the proportion of your face will be lost.

Rounded face – square frame with straight arms.

It is very important to choose the right glasses for you, sunglasses or eyeglasses, the shape is the key to create a complement or an implant on your face, don’t cover it!!! Personally I love the people with eyeglasses, I believe is one of the sexiest accessories, it reflects your personality in many ways.

The selection that I show belong to an Argentinean brand INFINIT, it has a great collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Actually for me the best are the frames for eyeglasses, very colorfull, different styles and shapes, there are fun glasses.  You can find the store in Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Uruguay.

See you soon!


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