Tips to take care of your hair

When I arrived to Buenos Aires, my hair was short and as everyone else, I needed to have a haircut. So I asked to the locals and they recommended me a place (that since I don’t like to say bad things I will not mention the name unless you ask me ☺) and it was a total disaster. They cut my hair so much that I end up with holes, and they dye my hair with an orange color because they wanted to make some highlights … total disaster!!!

So, few weeks later and being totally depress I decided to try another hairdresser, so one of my friends recommended me to go to “Studio Lamensa” with someone called Margarita … so that’s what I did. When she saw me she immediately sends me to the color area to dye my hair to a darker color and then she analyzed my case and her exacts words were: “Is winter, the best for you is wear a hat!” Imagine how I felt, if she couldn’t do anything … who else could??? So I followed her advice, and every month I came back to see if she could do something else with my hair, but the only thing to do was to wait for my hair to grow. Today after five years of having Margarita as my hairdresser, I can say that I have a great, long and shinny hair, thanks to her!

I am telling you this story, because I want you to understand why I decided to interview Margarita. Thanks to her I have my hair again, and because of her every month I spend many hours in the hairdresser knowing that I am in good hands with a team leading by Sergio Lamensa (well known hairdresser here in Argentina) and that Margarita being the second in charge will care of my hair as it was hers!

Margarita started as a hairdresser 25 years ago and from the very beginning she stood out in her work and had the chance to work in recognized beauty salons. She is in charge of many local and international celebrities’ hairstyle like Natalia Oreiro, Dolores Barreiro, Pampita, María Vazquez and Rebeca de Alba (Mexican presenter). She is constantly working in photography sessions for magazines and runways productions. She is specialist in bridal hairstyle and hair extensions.

Seating in Studio Lamensa I asked her the following:

1. Which factor do you consider to make the perfect cut in each person?
M: Obviously the first factor is the face shape and then the likes and desire of the client. We try to balance the face by not emphasizing any part, for example the ears. I always negotiate with the client so she get the best option and leave happy from here. I will never do anything to drastic with in a haircut it is a nonsense risk.

2. And what do you consider to define the color?
M: It also has to be based on each person, for example, if the client has darker skin, is not the best to be blond. But here in Argentina, everybody loves to be blond so what I do is create a balance that will look good, but it is always based on negotiation. My work has a lot of psychology, you have to be very careful in how you say things, never give a bad critic just like that, always negotiate, because the point is to make the client looks better and be happy.

3. How can we have a healthy and shinny hair?
M: Taking care of it, there is not other way. Here in Buenos Aires we have a lot of hair products so it is not that difficult, you have to try many to see which one is better for your hair. You always have to take care of it using good products, avoiding the use of the iron daily and not putting so much hot on it, if not there is no product that will help. Always use conditioner. The best method to have a healthy hair is to rotate products, try to have 2 or 3 shampoos and rotate them, don’t use always the same so the hair will not get use to it.

4. How often do we have to cut out hair? It is true that if you cut it will grow faster?
M: The best is to cut it at least 2 to 3 times per year, if not every one and a half month or every two months if you have a specific cut to maintain. It is true that if you cut your hair it will grow faster, because you help it to get renewed, it is not a myth.

5. How often can we dye our hair?
M: If you have white hair, you have to dye it at least every month; some people come every two weeks. If you just do highlights, it is ok to dye it every 3 to 4 months just to maintain the roots.

6. Since one of your specialties is the hair extension, can you tell us little more about it? In which cases do you recommend them? How often do we have to change them?
M: Usually the people come here to ask for extensions in three cases: they have a terrible haircut and they want their hair back, they love to have a lot of hair and they just want more even though they already have hair or they really don’t have hair and they want more. I think everybody can use hair extensions, I only don’t recommend it when a person has alopecia, and it will not help them. The hair extension that I use are the best for the hair, there are some that use silicone but that end up cutting the hair. The other method is using staples, it is faster to get it on, but again at the end it will cut the hair and it is very uncomfortable to sleep it damages the scalp. What I use is a hair curtain that is sewed to a French braid with needle and thread, it is a lot or work but the person will not feel it and it will not damage the scalp or the hair. The maintenance has to be every 2 months approximately.

7. What is your advice to always have a nice hairstyle?
M: You should come to the hairdresser (laughs). First you have to get a good haircut, then you have to take care of it but usually if you have a nice haircut it is going to be easier to get a hairdo. You can also use hair accessories as flowers, bandanas, etc. I don’t recommend to use spay because it will only help with those little hairs that just can stay down, but in general it is better to use a product to help the ends to look healthy.

8. How bad is to use the hair iron every day? What do you think about the permanent hair straightening?
M: I don’t recommend it because at the end it will damage the hair. I believe the permanent hair straightening is for the one who just can not stand her hair, it’s good because you will always have a hairdo, but I don’t recommend it if you don’t have very curly hair. If you just have some slight curl is better to have a brushing done. But what can I say, people like to do the permanent hair straightening.

9. What is the best hairstyle for a wedding?
M: It depends in many different variables, you have to see the dress, the bride hair, her likes … it will never be two brides that looks the same. The hair can be up or down, there is no rule, all depends on the dress and if the bride has nice hair always tell them to show it, but … honestly at the end everybody just pull up her hair after dancing.

10. Let’s finish with some myths: True or False
It is bad for the hair to wash it daily – M: FALSE. Honestly is not necessary to wash it every day but nothing will happen if you do it. Just use a neutral shampoo so it will not get dry or greasy.

If you pull out a white hair you will have 7 more – M: FALSE. That is a lie, because every hair has just one bulb so it is just impossible.

And before we end …

How do you define the style in a woman? Which things define it?
M: The hair and the shoes are key, because you can wear a perfect dress of a great designer and if your shoes and your hair are disaster, your look will be bad. The dress is the less important thing, of course it is fundamental, but what I mean is that it will not look, as it should if your hair and shoes are bad.

Can you give an advice to all the entrepreneurs that are just starting?
M: First of all, you should like what you do. Being a hairdresser implies a lot of passion about working with hair, taking your time and never rush, it is our working material. I don’t understand those people, who just cut and cut hair with out caring about the client, we should respect the hair it is our working tool.

Anything else you would like to add …

M: When you are looking for a change, ask for many opinions; don’t just go with the first one. Get advice for different hairdressers and go with the one that like you more and make you feel more comfortable. Usually, people that are going through a difficult stage in their lives come to us and ask for a drastic change in their hair. That is the worst thing to do, is better if you go first to a shrink fix your problem, and then come to us. If not it is very probable that after a drastic change in your hair, you will still have your problem and also a depression due to a bad haircut.

Ups! This last advice gets into me; because I have done that … do you?

If you live in Buenos Aires and you want to have a haircut with Margarita, here is where to find her “Estudio Lamensa” phone 48164990.

See you soon!


Note: The pictures included are from productions done by Studio Lamensa. I didn’t include a picture from Margarita because she doesn’t like to have a public image.

Let’s talk about jeans

This time I am going to explain you how to choose the best pair of jeans, the best for your body, and especially for your butt, because let’s be clear in something, if your jeans don’t make you have an spectacular butt … what’s the point???

We usually use jeans as “all use” pants, since it can be used for any occasion, depending how you combine them they are perfect for an informal lunch, or for a night at the club. There are many different kind of jeans, with different cuts, lengths, rise, colors, etc … but let’s go to the main issue …

How do you know which pair is the best for your body?

Well, first of all, finding a pair of jeans that are your size, doesn’t warranty that you are going to look great on them, you have to consider the following in order to be sure that they fit you: the length, the cut, the pockets position and the color, although this last one is the less important to consider.

Pockets – the position and the shape of the pockets are key to your butt, if they are too big and they finished below your butt the effect will be a droopy butt, and nobody want that.
If your butt is big, “V” pockets are not good for you because it will enlarge your hips, also if the pockets are very separate form the middle seam of the jeans.
If you have a small butt, then pockets are for you since they will give an extra volume to that area, especially the pockets with buttons. If the pockets are separate from the middle seam of the jeans it will be even better for your butt, it will look bigger.

Rise – this is the length from your crotch to the jeans waist. You have to be very careful with the height of the rise because although it suddenly become a fashion the ultra low rise, it is not always good for every body, just as the high rise … actually that one is not good for anyone! The best is to use the medium rise; especially if you have a big butt the higher the waistline is the better, since the effect will be that your butt is firmer. If you have a tummy don’t use low rise since it will look bigger. And please, don’t let your tong go out from your jeans!! It doesn’t look cool and very probably will not be the best for your body (you may look fat even if you are not).

Length – the jeans length is very important a long and straight pair of jeans will help you to look slimmer and taller, meanwhile an ankle length could automatically put on some weight on you. In fact long jeans are better for everybody, but be careful to not use them too long, go sweeping the town is not cool … If you like long jeans use them with high heels, if not cut them to touch the border of your flat shoe (the top border eh?). You can cut them and let them fray naturally or have them hemmed in the same color stitching.

Cut – this is how your jeans “hug” your legs, butt and thighs.  The slim cut is not recommended if your have a big butt.  The cut that fits almost everybody is the boot cut; it makes your legs look longer and slimmer.

Color – I left this to the end, because it is not really the most important thing that you have to analyze when you buy a pair of jeans, but be careful if it has a washed color in a part that you don’t want to enlarge.

If you want to know more about how to look better in your own body, subscribe to the newsletter and we will be in permanent contact with more news and tips.

See you soon!

Fabiola Silva

Credits: the pictures shown here are form the following brands: 7 for all Mind Kind y The Gap.

mmmhh … What can I wear today?

Yes, that is the way that we usually start our day, we make a mental map of the activities during the day to be able to identify what will be the perfect “look” for all of them. Usually, we have problems matching colors and textures, and it is worst if we just bought a new bag in red (color that you don’t use that much) and we are trying to match it with the outfit. Disaster!

That’s why I am going to give you some tips in order to ease your life every morning:

  • It is not necessary to match bag, shoes and belt; you can use the same color and texture for the three items or just match two of the three things. Actually, it is better if you make contrast with one of the three things in a completely different color.
  • Always try to have in your outfit just one center of attention (the first thing that you want people to check when they look at you). For example, if you are using a colorful necklace try to use the rest of your clothes in a more neutral combination so that the “star” of your look will be the necklace.
  • It is totally fine to mix brown with black, but never brown with grey.

  • Do not be afraid of contrasting colors in your outfit, mix colors and play with combinations like blue with red, orange and violet.
  • Try not to combine clothes of the same range of color if they are not exactly of the same tone, it is always better to create contrast mixing with other colors. (Dry clean tip: always send to the dry clean the dress and the belt together, or the pants and the jacket, if not, you may see a change of tones between each item)
  • If you are happy with your outfit but you still have the feeling that “something is missing”, try on a scarf, it will always help to complete your look is like the “final touch”.
  • Do not use jeans and jean jacket, try to use with your jeans corduroy or lather jackets.
  • Snickers are ONLY to go to the gym, and to be used with pants and gym clothes, never with jeans or any other kind of clothes. There are other kinds of cool tennis that you can use for a sport and casual look, but running shoes are only to run.
  • If you are going to use sandals or any open shoe, remember that you have to do a pedicure since your nails have to be perfect they become part of your shoe.
  • Remember that your look goes form head to toe, so don’t forget little details, use accessories and enjoy the every morning process of getting dress!

I hope that you can use this information in order to have better and more relaxing mornings where you don’t have to ask to yourself … and today, what am I going to wear?

See you soon!

Fabiola Silva

A handy accessory

This is the accessory that you will always want to have in your closet, it complements what ever you are wearing, men and women can use it and the best is that there are thousands of colors, shapes and designs.
What am I talking about? I am talking about one of the things that I use more than anything: scarves. If you are not using that until now, there is always a good time to start using it!! It will help you a lot to giving some color to any outfit that you use.

The magic of this accessory ,is that it can be use  at any time of the year, since there are made in different fabrics to be adapted to the weather. Scarves will never be out of fashion, but there are some tips that you should know in order to always create a great complement to your outfit.
1. When you choose a scarf, always try to create contrast or to make a good combination with what you are wearing. Avoid using the same color of your outfit.
2. If you have a short neck, do not tie scarves under your chin it will look shorter.
3. Thing and long scarves around your neck will help you to appear taller and slimmer.
4. If you are using the scarf inside the blouse, be sure to use the correct size to avoid a huge thing under your chin, or a bundle inside your blouse that will deform your bust.
5. Try to choose the right fabric (thickness) for each occasion and season.
6. Petite women should not use big scarves because they will look shorter.
7. Oversized scarves are ideal for a cold day since they not only cover your neck but also your shoulders.

8. If you are a man, you can use a thin scarf around your neck not too tight. For the winter scarf, fold it on half and then tie it around your neck and pass the ends through the circle created when you folded it.

One of the advantages of this accessory is that you can always use a thing scarf as a belt or as a bandana in your head, that’s why is so handy!

No matter the season that you are, spring or autumn, use it as much as you can. Scarves will always give a special touch to your look. I use them all the time; my favorites are the thin and very colorful.

See you soon!!

Fabiola Silva