Where are you going? or are you there?

I hope your weekend was as good as mine, I had a little of everything, family, friends but the best is that on Sunday I closed the weekend in the theatre. I went to see the play “Avenue Q” and I strongly recommend it, you just can’t miss it!  It is a play, as they might say here in Argentina “zarpada” which means, over the edge, because they talk about what is your goal in life, analyzing every aspect of it, with no sensor at all … but always in a very funny way!!! You just can’t stop laughing!!

When I went out of the theatre, I started to think about how important is to have a goal in your life and make it happen.  I know, this is something that everybody had been telling you since you finished high school, but as it might happen to you, just didn’t do it!  In my case, I have been quite a mess, because I had goals but usually they were short or medium term and when I accomplished them it was always the question … now what?

Thank God,  life had been nice with me and I was able to decide, what was the next thing to everytime having a lot of good experiences, but no long term goal. It was until a while ago, that I really stop and think about my future, so I made a plan (finally!) and I wrote my one year plan and then my 10 year plan, a plan about my own life.

Yes, I know … until now all this sounds like the typical speech that every single teacher had been told you since you were about to enter college, but let me tell you, it is true, either you set a goal or life will be more difficult for you. I see life like being in a rowboat on the sea, where you have two choices, either you just lay back and wait where the tide takes you, or you take the oars underneath the seats and start to row toward the direction that you want to go.  What have you done until now?  What do you preffer? Did you decided or did you let the life to decide for you?

All this is relevant because when we talk about your personal image, we talk about what do YOU want to do with your life, about what is that you want to project and how do you want to look.  Your personal image is the reflection of your personality, is what you want people to see when they look at you,  it talks about you, specially at the work environment.  The internal personality is very important, but how are you going to let people see who you really are if they got distracted with an incorrect image?

I invite you to make a balance of your life and see how many goals have you accomplished until now. Did you arrive to where you want to be? Are you on the way?

If for some reason you just don’t know what to do, don’t leave it! Act now! Write your goals, it doesn’t matter your age or the stage of your life, if you don’t like what you have is on your hands to change it.  Listen to your heart and don’t waste more time not doing what you really want to do.   Remember we just have one life, and we have make the best of it!

Today I was philosophical .. I guess it’s the spring …  🙂

¡Until next time!

Fabiola Silva