Colors, colors …

Tell me your favorite color and I will tell you who you are!

This of course is my invention ☺ but it is true since the colors that you wear define your personality in many ways.

Depending on the color of your clothes, your face can either look shinning, or thinner or it can put so many shadows on your skin that nobody will notice you. Unbelievable right? And notice that we are not talking about the kind of clothes that you are wearing, we are just mentioning the effect that the colors that you wear can cause in your skin. Knowing which colors are better for you, you will be able to create a bunch of combinations in order to make easier decisions when choosing your outfit and even if you go shopping.

What color is your favorite? Which one do you use more?

Black and grey – black means authority, sophistication and luxury. Grey is the color of simplicity.

Brown – is the earth color, means relax, prudence and experience. (Sometimes they say is the color of older people but if you combine it correctly it is a great color, especially dark brown!).

White – is the color of the energy, balance and purity, the advantage is that it can be use to match with any color.

Blue – symbolizes wisdom, serenity and it is the color of the logic and intelligence.

Red– symbolizes blood, fire, heat, energy and safety. It is a very stimulant color so if you wear it you will feel charged with energy. I love red bags.

Green – it is the color of the balance, calmness and hope. People who use it reflect creativity and imagination.

Pink– it is the color of romance, tranquility and friendship. It reflects empathy.

Yellow – it is the color of intellectuality, confidence, envy and energy. There is a popular saying that goes “ people who wear yellow trust in their beauty” (it is better in Spanish I have to say … ).

So, is your favorite color the best for you?

In order to be able to answer that, you should make some analysis of yourself; look at your real skin tone (look in a place where you usually don’t tan), at your eyes color and at your real hair tone.

In general all the people goes into the following combinations according to their skin, eyes and hair colors:

WINTER – dark eyes and hair. White, pale or dark skin (almost yellow).

Your colors – the best for you are the cold colors (green, blue and purple), brown, and warm colors (red, orange and yellow) are good to illuminate your skin. Avoid pale colors.

Salma Hayeck

AUTUMN – brown and light brown eyes light brown hair and white, yellow or tan skin (natural of course).

Your colors – the same as winter, plus the tan or brick color. Avoid pale colors.

Catherine Zeta Jones

SPRING – blue or green eyes, blond or red hair and peach or creamy skin.

Your colors – the best for you are green and yellow, also pale colors and electric blue. Avoid orange, ocher and dark blue (almost black).

Julianne Moore

SUMMER – the color or your eyes depends on the weather, blond or light brown hair, and pink skin.

Your colors – pale colors, but stay away from the pink if your skin is pinker. Green apple and blue are good for you. Avoid blue marine, orange and be careful with military green.

Jennifer Aniston

Does your favorite colors are the same that best match your colors?

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See you soon!

Fabiola Silva