Your professional look

Very often people ask me … how can I get a professional look? And usually my answer is … depends …

And I am not lying; it depends on many things, but especially depends on your profession and your personality. You have to create a mix of both things in order to have a real professional look; it is not the same look the one of a lawyer, a designer or an operations manager in a factory.

So, let’s go back to the question … how can I get a professional look?

I am going to tell you a story that happen a while ago when I was working in a multinational in the marketing area. I have a team under my supervision and there was this girl, very intelligent and with a lot of potential, but her defect was that she was not into her position, she started very young in the company and although she grew up, with a lot more responsibilities, in her head she was still the young little intern of the area, and the worst is that the others kept thinking like that about her.

She was amazingly good and we made a great team, so at the end of the year during her performance evaluation, we talked about her issue of not being consider as the professional that she supposed to be, and she agreed to make a radical change in her attitude and her look, because she was fed up with the situation too.

So the next day … yes, no the following week or the next month, just the next day, I had a completely different person under my supervision. She changed her clothes, she stop dressing as she was in college, her look was very formal, keeping her own style but she suddenly became a grown up. And the most important thing was that she also changed her attitude dramatically, she finally behaved according to her position. And you are not going to believe this … but in only few weeks all the other areas and her colleagues started to treat her differently and everybody started to listen to her opinions and requirements.

The moral of the story: you are what you project and you project what you are. It has to be coherency between your image and your attitude so people will really believe in what your professional role is. (Coherency for your professional role and also in your personal life!)

The best is to find your professional role maintaining your personal style. Unfortunately, not everybody accomplish that, sometimes, in order to fit in a professional environment people tend to sacrifice their personality. For example, being a lawyer is hard; you have to be always very formal to fit in. And what about the creative and designers world? Have you ever seen how they dress? I just love it, they are always very creative, and original I would say authentic. For some people they are like in a disguise, but I think is the best, I like to think that they will work as creatively as they dress.

Here are some tips to have a professional look:

• Analyze how is your professional environment so you will know what is expected from you. How do you expect your doctor to be dress? And your nanny? Your lawyer?
• Adapt your personal style to your professional role so you don’t feel like you are wearing a custom every single morning.

• Avoid cleavages, tight or shinning clothes, and miniskirts,  it doesn’t matter your profession, leave all of that for the weekend. Those things are distracting and unless you are in a TV show they are not nice for work.
• If you can’t find a way to reflect your personal style in your clothes, try in your accessories and your shoes, both things can talk a lot about yourself.
• If you have a “business casual” day, don’t dress too informal, it is not like if you were watching TV on a Saturday night at home, always keep in mind you are working so try not to be too “casual”.

• And last but not least, this could be very obvious, but always take care of your personal hygiene and your hair; both things could contribute or destroy your look.

See you soon!!


The pictures included are from Banana Republic, JCrew and Mango.

Let’s talk about jeans

This time I am going to explain you how to choose the best pair of jeans, the best for your body, and especially for your butt, because let’s be clear in something, if your jeans don’t make you have an spectacular butt … what’s the point???

We usually use jeans as “all use” pants, since it can be used for any occasion, depending how you combine them they are perfect for an informal lunch, or for a night at the club. There are many different kind of jeans, with different cuts, lengths, rise, colors, etc … but let’s go to the main issue …

How do you know which pair is the best for your body?

Well, first of all, finding a pair of jeans that are your size, doesn’t warranty that you are going to look great on them, you have to consider the following in order to be sure that they fit you: the length, the cut, the pockets position and the color, although this last one is the less important to consider.

Pockets – the position and the shape of the pockets are key to your butt, if they are too big and they finished below your butt the effect will be a droopy butt, and nobody want that.
If your butt is big, “V” pockets are not good for you because it will enlarge your hips, also if the pockets are very separate form the middle seam of the jeans.
If you have a small butt, then pockets are for you since they will give an extra volume to that area, especially the pockets with buttons. If the pockets are separate from the middle seam of the jeans it will be even better for your butt, it will look bigger.

Rise – this is the length from your crotch to the jeans waist. You have to be very careful with the height of the rise because although it suddenly become a fashion the ultra low rise, it is not always good for every body, just as the high rise … actually that one is not good for anyone! The best is to use the medium rise; especially if you have a big butt the higher the waistline is the better, since the effect will be that your butt is firmer. If you have a tummy don’t use low rise since it will look bigger. And please, don’t let your tong go out from your jeans!! It doesn’t look cool and very probably will not be the best for your body (you may look fat even if you are not).

Length – the jeans length is very important a long and straight pair of jeans will help you to look slimmer and taller, meanwhile an ankle length could automatically put on some weight on you. In fact long jeans are better for everybody, but be careful to not use them too long, go sweeping the town is not cool … If you like long jeans use them with high heels, if not cut them to touch the border of your flat shoe (the top border eh?). You can cut them and let them fray naturally or have them hemmed in the same color stitching.

Cut – this is how your jeans “hug” your legs, butt and thighs.  The slim cut is not recommended if your have a big butt.  The cut that fits almost everybody is the boot cut; it makes your legs look longer and slimmer.

Color – I left this to the end, because it is not really the most important thing that you have to analyze when you buy a pair of jeans, but be careful if it has a washed color in a part that you don’t want to enlarge.

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Fabiola Silva

Credits: the pictures shown here are form the following brands: 7 for all Mind Kind y The Gap.

NY Fashion Week

Yesterday started the NY Fashion Week.  For many years (since 1933) it has been in Bryan Park, but this year they move it to the Lincoln Center, one of the most important art locations in Manhattan, especially for opera, ballets and concerts.

The event will take place from the 9th until the 16th of September, and the sponsor, as every year, is Mercedes-Benz. During the event, ninety designers will show their 2011 Spring / Summer collection.

If you are interested in the fashion shows and you happen to be around there, you can visit the official site to learn about schedule and special events.  If you are not there, you can follow the event in the Harper’s Bazaar web page where you will also learn about the latest gossips and everything that is going around the event and the parties.

Also you can follow the event in twitter at #nyfw.  And please … if you are in Manhattan go to JG melon and have a hamburger on my behalf!!!


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Fabiola Silva

Colors, colors …

Tell me your favorite color and I will tell you who you are!

This of course is my invention ☺ but it is true since the colors that you wear define your personality in many ways.

Depending on the color of your clothes, your face can either look shinning, or thinner or it can put so many shadows on your skin that nobody will notice you. Unbelievable right? And notice that we are not talking about the kind of clothes that you are wearing, we are just mentioning the effect that the colors that you wear can cause in your skin. Knowing which colors are better for you, you will be able to create a bunch of combinations in order to make easier decisions when choosing your outfit and even if you go shopping.

What color is your favorite? Which one do you use more?

Black and grey – black means authority, sophistication and luxury. Grey is the color of simplicity.

Brown – is the earth color, means relax, prudence and experience. (Sometimes they say is the color of older people but if you combine it correctly it is a great color, especially dark brown!).

White – is the color of the energy, balance and purity, the advantage is that it can be use to match with any color.

Blue – symbolizes wisdom, serenity and it is the color of the logic and intelligence.

Red– symbolizes blood, fire, heat, energy and safety. It is a very stimulant color so if you wear it you will feel charged with energy. I love red bags.

Green – it is the color of the balance, calmness and hope. People who use it reflect creativity and imagination.

Pink– it is the color of romance, tranquility and friendship. It reflects empathy.

Yellow – it is the color of intellectuality, confidence, envy and energy. There is a popular saying that goes “ people who wear yellow trust in their beauty” (it is better in Spanish I have to say … ).

So, is your favorite color the best for you?

In order to be able to answer that, you should make some analysis of yourself; look at your real skin tone (look in a place where you usually don’t tan), at your eyes color and at your real hair tone.

In general all the people goes into the following combinations according to their skin, eyes and hair colors:

WINTER – dark eyes and hair. White, pale or dark skin (almost yellow).

Your colors – the best for you are the cold colors (green, blue and purple), brown, and warm colors (red, orange and yellow) are good to illuminate your skin. Avoid pale colors.

Salma Hayeck

AUTUMN – brown and light brown eyes light brown hair and white, yellow or tan skin (natural of course).

Your colors – the same as winter, plus the tan or brick color. Avoid pale colors.

Catherine Zeta Jones

SPRING – blue or green eyes, blond or red hair and peach or creamy skin.

Your colors – the best for you are green and yellow, also pale colors and electric blue. Avoid orange, ocher and dark blue (almost black).

Julianne Moore

SUMMER – the color or your eyes depends on the weather, blond or light brown hair, and pink skin.

Your colors – pale colors, but stay away from the pink if your skin is pinker. Green apple and blue are good for you. Avoid blue marine, orange and be careful with military green.

Jennifer Aniston

Does your favorite colors are the same that best match your colors?

If you have any doubt or you want to know any more information please let me know. And if you like the article please share it with your friends in facebook or twitter, which is always appreciated! ☺

See you soon!

Fabiola Silva

Women who inspire

Today I am going to talk about a topic that complements your personal image: personal development and attitude.

I love this topic, because I believe that external beauty is the result of your internal beauty and attitude, you have to believe it! Or at least, I love this phrase: “fake it till you make it!” Self-confidence is so strong that it will change your life and give you a very singular vitality!

And talking about vitality, yesterday I assisted, to an event organized by Maria Cherñajovsky, Argentinean designer and owner of the brand “Maria Cher”. Together with Dove they organized an encounter called “Vital Voices”, which was a very special evening where the main topic was “Women who inspire”.

There were five speakers, well six … because the first one to talk was Maria Cherñajovsky. She explained the reason of the encounter and also a little of her very inspiring history. The other speakers where Alexandra Rampolla (sexologist and producer of her own TV show), Orly Benzacar (director of the Art Gallery Ruth Bencazar), Susana Trimarco (mother of a missing girl named Marita, in Tucuman, Argentina), Cecilia Roth (actress) and Tini de Bucourt (ambassador of Dove and ex-model).

As you can see, each one has a very different personality and profession, but the thing that all these women have in common is that they had influenced their environment and other women with their actions. As they said, what is required in life is to dare to do things, go after your goals and pursue what you really want to do from the bottom of your heart, fight for it and don’t rest until you get it.

Each presentation was basically the summary of each ones life, how do they become what they are now and their achievements. Here is a summary of each talk:

Maria Cherñajovsky – entrepreneur, fashion designer, mother and brand owner of the brand with her own name since 2001. In 2006, together with her mother, created the Association for peace and no violence, and she was selected as women of the year in 2008. Currently she owns 10 stores and manages 150 employees. The encounter is the second one that she organized to inspire other women and help their lives. Maria is part of the Vital Voices board in Argentina.

Alessandra Rampolla, is a certified sexologist, born in Puerto Rico. Since her youth she felt that she had something else to say to help other girls, as her, to have a better understanding about sex, because nobody really explained anything to her. That’s why she decided to study and promote the sexology. She had to stand the criticism of the society, but at the end, she end up having her own TV show and international fame. I don’t know if you have seen her, but if not please try to catch a show, she is very funny and completely honest, you will learn a lot because she explains sex as is she was explaining a cake recipe! ☺

Orly Benzacar, biologist and art lover. In 1990 she started to work in her mother’s art gallery, Ruth Benzacar. When her mother dies, Orly started to run the gallery and she made it grow with international recognition. How does she change from biology to art? Following her heart and fighting for her believes, helping Argentinean artist to grow and import their job.

Susana Trimarco, “Marita’s” mother (Ma. De los Ángeles Verón) who was kidnapped on 2002 and is still missing until now. Susana has been fighting to find her daughter since then, finding that it is a very important prostitution net in the north of Argentina. During the desperate search of Marita, Susana has saved hundreds of women creating an association to help them and their child. Susana is a very brave woman who will not rest until she finds her daughter she also hopes to be able to make a real change in her country with her association.

Cecilia Roth, Argentinean actress, in 1977 she moved to Spain where she become a international well known actress after working with Pedro Almodovar. Cecilia has a very strong personality, during all her career she had been fighting for her ideals and although she is very famous, she’s still very humble. Her son is the love of her life the more authentic love that she has ever found.

Tini de Bocourt, Dove ambassador. She started as a fashion model, but after 17 years of success in the fashion world, she quit to dedicate her life to help women with her personal growth. She had lived in India where she developed her inner beauty, and currently she has a company devoted to help other women in her inner growth.

Her talk was perfect to close the event and I am talking a little more about it, since it is related to what we talk about here in Manequi. Tini says that inner and external beauties are always together it can’t be one with out the other since the first thing that we need to do is to accept us the way we are.

I like a lot a phrase that she mentioned from Coco Chanel: “There are not ugly women only lazy ones”. This is so true … because we need to work in ourselves to be able to know who we are, and what is the best for us, and that is something that we need to work on, unfortunately it is not usually something that we “just know”, it requires a little effort from our part.

Tini mentioned something that I loved, how many times you have said about other woman: “ I hate her, she looks fantastic in everything, it doesn’t matter what she wears”?? Well, she looks fantastic because she believes that she looks fantastic, it is amazing how the attitude can change the way you look. Same thing if you believe that you have a horrible nose, it is very probable that everyone else will think the same about your nose, because you act like it is horrible! Get it??? You project what you want to project, and it’s in your hands to make the others to buy it or not.

Well, that was the summary from what I heard yesterday, I wanted to share it with you because I believe it was very inspiring. I guess that the organizers will soon put on line the video here is the link:

The conclusion and the reason why I wanted to talk about this topic, is that we all have a lot of potential to be beautiful the only thing is that you have to believe that you are beautiful and work on it.

As Dove’s advertising states (and I am not selling anything) let’s work in the real beauty, developing your attributes and accepting who we are in order to get the best of us!!! How can you do that? Well here in Manequi I will help you and we will do it together.

See you soon!!!

Fabiola Silva