Helping people to look and feel better

Today I am going to introduce you to one of the most respected Image Consultants in Argentina; I am talking about Sandy Cornejo, founder of CE Imagen, company that she created 10 years ago with her partner and friend María Pía Estebecorena.

1. How did you decide to make the switch from psychology to Image Consulting?
I studied clinical psychology and after certain time, I decided that it was not what I wanted to do; that I needed to do something totally different, so I started to do makeup for brides and special events. After a while, I realized that what I was doing was not enough neither … One day, watching the movie “The Kid” where the main character is an Image Consulting, I decided that I wanted to do that, exactly that! So I can mix the external (esthetic) with the internal (psychology). I started to study many different courses about Image consulting, because back then the career didn’t exist, people didn’t even understand what was the image consulting. Later I met María Pía, that was working in her own event marketing company and she hired me as a make-up artist, so … I told her the idea, she loved it, and we found CE Imagen.


2. Did you started alone? Or since the very beginning was CE Imagen?
Since the very beginning I was with María Pía, it is a funny story because her company was CE (Compañía de Eventos – Event company) so we started doing Image consulting under the same name, and after a while we decided to change the meaning of CE to “Cornejo Estebecorena” (our last names). But the coincidence was that our last names were just the initials of company name … funny things had happened to us since the very beginning and we really believe on that. We believe in the power of word because we have seen how it works. We used to say, … “imagine having our CE building …” and look at us now, we are in our CE building, it took us 10 years, but we did it!


3. Why do you think people hire and image consulting?
I believe that is because they are not happy with their selves, they realize that her image (what other people see) is not what they really are, and then they decided to change it.


4. Do you think there is a specific issue that makes us feel that we need an image consulting?
Yes, normally are situations related with self-esteem. Maybe the person is getting divorced, or just dating someone new, or they just loose their jobs, or they try to keep the one they have … there is always a reason that makes you want to look better.


5. Do you have more clients that are women? Or men?
I have both, but they are quite different. The men usually comes asking for help to improve their image and the reason is always related to their job, they want to be successful, or look powerful, etc. Women are more conscious about their personal issues, they usually come because they want to change their appearance to be successful in their personal life.


6. Knowing that you are a psychologist … what do you think people are more concerned about, their internal or their external image?
I don’t think we can separate that, both things are linked. Many times, people feel bad about something and they just don’t care about how they look, or … they care too much about their image and that could be also because they feel bad internally. I believe people are more conscious about how they look than how they feel. Now, people do what they can do, sometimes they go to the hairdresser to have a haircut trying to feel better … it all depends. We have clients that come after having therapy, because they feel better and want to look better. There is a certain energy that is required to get ready every morning and look good, if you are not ok internally it is very possible that you will not have that energy and then you will have no motivation to look good.


7. What do you think about the new parameter of “perfect bodies”?
Very good question, it is one of my personal crusades. I think that having the image of a perfect body and not being able to get it, cause a lot of frustration and suffering. It is just impossible to look like models or celebrities that have a huge team dedicated to make them perfects (body, hair, nails, clothes and even how to behave). For example, here in Argentina Susana Giménez and Mirtha Legrand, are very old and both look amazing everywhere and that is not real. The new perfect bodies are the result of surgeries, silicon and botox. I believe there is a psychological cost of not having a perfect body, proportions are distorted, people don’t get that, if you are thin your body will be according to that, it is just impossible to have a lot of bust and butt if you are thin … we try to help our clients to be realistic and accept their selves the way they are. I am very concern about it …


8. What do you think is more important to define in a client: color, style or body proportions? And why?
Defining the color for their skin is very important because they can look younger and happier or sad and older … but also it is important to know your body proportions because then you will know which clothes are best for you and it doesn’t matter if it is cheap or expensive, you can look good with out expending a lot of money. The style definition is important but, it is the last thing to care … the client will express their style if they look and feel good in their clothes.


9. What has been your hardest challenge?
Working with people recovering of cancer (chemotherapy) and with people with overweight. The women recovering of cancer has no hair, no eyebrows and on top of that they are going through a very complex moment. But you know what? The satisfaction of helping them to feel as they were feeling before getting sick is amazing, it worth it! Regarding the people with overweight, it has been difficult because the Argentinean market didn’t help us, before, there were no stores that offered big sizes, then only two stores and one was very expensive and the other was not good. Just now there are more stores so it is easier to help this kind of clients.


10. How can we identify a good Image Consulting?
First of all they project in their own image that they know how to do it, not only about the esthetic but also their posture, their confidence. Second, a real professional has to be able to justify every single thing that they suggest you, don’t trust of the one who keep telling you that things are that way “cos they say so” … And third, they always have to give you something new, maybe is a new way to combine your clothes, I don’t know … something different. They have to give value to the client.


11. It is possible to be a good Image Consulting with out being psychologist?
Yes, the thing is to be empathic with your client, flexible and never impose your opinion. You don’t have to make your client feel bad or humiliated, you have to be empathic trying to understand why they want to change, put yourself in their shoes. There is never the same situation for some one who broke up a relationship, than someone who just starts dating. It is important to take care of what you say and how you say it. This is not therapy but we have to listen very carefully, and if we think there are some issues they have to take care of, then we can send them to the shrink. In summary, I don’t think you have to be a shrink but you have to know about this topic.


12. Here in CE Imagen you teach image consulting and you also do Image consulting. What do you like to do more?
Mmhhh …. (Thinking for a while) I like to teach and educate. But also doing image consulting is great, because you help people to increase their self-esteem. If I have to choose I think teaching is what I like the most, people learn and have fun.


13. You’ve just opened the Argentinean chapter of AICI. What are the plans for 2012?
Of course we want to make it grow. The objective is to have the certification because it will help to our profession. To obtain the certification people has to do an exam and then it is a requirement to renewal it every two years which implies that you have to keep updating, teaching, writing articles, etc. I think is very important to have the certification in Argentina because then you will be able to differentiate between a professional Image Consulting and those that are less serious. It is very important to make people understand that to become an Image Consulting you have to study is not something improvised.

And before we go …


How do you define the style in a woman? Which things define it?
“Style is the esthetic expression of our personality”. That is how I define style. For example, if a person has romantic style, it is very possible that they will be tender, delicate and never aggressive. If another person use animal print, that means she is sexy, more aggressive and more out there. It is important to dress accordingly to what you feel, not following fashion necessarily. That’s why sometimes you change your style during your life, because you change how you feel with age.


Can you give an advice to all the entrepreneurs that are just starting?
First of all I will tell them to be really convinced of what they want to do, so they can ignore all the people who are going to tell them that they just can’t do it. It is important to do a market research to understand why are they going to buy me and not another? This is important for image consulting business and also for a corner store, everyone should do it.
Also, they will have to be prepared because being an entrepreneur is not easy, you have to be persistent and tenacious. You have to be prepare your self to fall and get up many times. This job is a “full life” job not just a “full time” job. You have to forget about weekends and holidays. If we asked María Pía, she will make emphasis in the financials and the business plan, that is also important, but I am more creative so for me the more important thing is to be prepare to work a lot! Is learning to live with out a fix salary, feeling insecure and keep thinking what to do? But then, with time, you get establish and you start to feel more secure and things get better but … it’s difficult to get organized! It could be very frustrating! Sometimes if you have an idea, you talk to 10 people, 9 say that they are not interested and the other one steal it! It’s complicated! It is very typical that until now, people says that being and Image consulting is not a profession, so I keep struggling trying to make people to respect my job.

If you want to study Imaga Consulting visit the web of CE Image, you will find different options and seminars.

See you!


Autumn flowers …

Spring is always a colorful season full of flowers, but this year autumn is also full of that. Designers use flowers and colors in many of their collections, which are already making our wardrobe more fun and vibrant.


Here are some of the designers that apply that trend:


Roberto Cavalli – use an oriental esthetic, which bring us back to oriental gardens.

Diane Von Furstenberg – her designs full of color and prints, represents a sexy and self-confident woman.

Givenchy – this collection called “Angels meet birds in paradise” include soft designs, full of silk, pearls, tulle and laces, to create the heaven environment.

Miu miu – use lily of the valley, swallows, dandelions and daisies all over silky dresses resembling the 40’s, but with a modern touch.

Lanvin- I have to tell you that I love this collection, all of it is just amazing! But let’s talk about the colorful dresses, mix of fuchsia, red plum and mustard with black. Feminine dresses with organza, large zips and bulky pieces around neck and hips. This is a very different collection but always keeping the elegance of the brand.

Moschino – this is a very feminine collection using masculine designs, the use of flowers and roses give a happy a retro look.

Elie Saab – this collection is very versatile it includes dresses that could be use at work or at parties. Colors, shimmers over the hip and different textures make of this collection something very special.

As you can see, this season is very colorful almost as spring was! If you wan to see the complete collections visit Vogue.

See you soon!



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Embellishing the world

Hello again! I am sorry for not been in touch with last week but sometimes things get complicated and time pass by with out noticing. Any way, I am back, and today I will present you an interview of a wonderful make-up artist.

She has a lot of experience and she is the exclusive make-up artist of one of the top TV presenters here in Argentina (Mariana Fabbiani), I am talking about Ximena Matienzo.


Ximena studied “Fine arts” here in Buenos Aires, and in parallel she had studied make-up as a hobby, because she always loved to do the make-up of her friends before going out, or just for fun!. When she finished her carrier, she decided that the best way to express her art was doing make-up so she devoted herself completely to that. She started doing make-up for fashion catwalks, editorials and brides, but in 1996 she entered the TV business and she never left it. In 2000 associated with Irene Paré (the make-up artist of the more important TV presenter in Argentina: Marcelo Tinelli) to create the company called “Buenos Aires Make-up”. With this company they became coordinators of the whole make-up department of fiction programs for many TV producer companies (Ideas del Sur, Endemol, Central Pak, etc). After that, she started to do the make-up for Mariana Fabbiani and she has being doing that for eight years now. Nevertheless, she still works on her favorite area that is doing make-up for social events. She had been the make-up artist for many national and international celebrities as Mariana Fabbiani, Paola Krum, Joan Manuel Serrat, Marcelo Tinelli, Mirta Busnelli and Claudia Schiffer, Gustavo Cerati, Rodrigo de la Serna, Carla Peterson, Moria Casán, Florencia de la V, Rita Cortese, Gastón Pauls, Nacha Guevara, and the list is huge …

1. How did you decide that you wanted to be a make-up artist?
Doing make-up was something that I have always loved, I used to practice with my friends and I really enjoyed it. My main interest was the art in general, that’s why I studied Fine Arts, but then I realized that I wanted to express myself through the make-up so I started and I loved it!


2. Which was the most difficult challenge in your career? And which one did you enjoy the most?
The most difficult challenge was to do the fiction make-up for accidents and things that should be really realistic (wounds, scars and prosthesis). That entire job requires a lot more artistic skills to be good. Now, the one that I enjoyed the most were all the trips!


3. What can you say about your experience working with Mariana Fabbiani?
Mariana is a great human being, extremely nice and after working with her for so long, we are now friends and I really appreciate her. After so many years working together we have shared many of our important moments in life. It is a real pleasure working with her.

4. Now give us some advice … In order to have a great make-up, what is the most important thing that we have to consider?
I think the most important thing is to highlight your positive aspects, more than trying to cover your face. It is really important to observe the shape of your face and the skin type, but actually all depends in the objective that you want to accomplish with your make-up: if you want to look natural, look sexy, fix or hide a problem, have fun and look funny … all depends. Everything is ok in make-up if you are comfortable with what it says about you, and you look and feel ok. It is always good to play with make-up; there are good tricks for each situation.


5. It is necessary to use make-up all the time?
No, I don’t think so. I believe is more important to take good care of your skin, there is nothing better than a healthy skin with no make-up. Nevertheless, there are also some tricks to get a “natural” look using make-up.

6. What is the main difference between a make-up for the day and one for the night?
During the day, the natural light is very bright and everything shows more, so the best is to use a natural make-up, to avoid the shinning in your skin, not to use strong contrasts always trying to use make-up as softly and natural as it can be. At night, artificial lights change everything. The make-up has to be more careful consider shinning, contrasts, colors, etc. It doesn’t have to be stronger; it has to be just different. Day or night make-up, the most important is your objective: what do you want to project with that make-up?


7. Is there any specific brand that you recommend us?
MAC for me is the best, it has a lot of variety, textures and colors and it is ideal for any occasion. Now, there are many others that are good too, like Channel that is also spectacular. In general I don’t use the same product for all the make-up, I have specific favorites brand for each thing.

8. What do you recommend us to have a good skin without wrinkles?
The most important is to have a healthy life, eat well, do exercise and do all the things that we know are good. It is important to use good quality products, always take off the make-up before going to sleep and take care of the sun using sunscreen. It’s also important to ask for advice, to learn if the products that we are using are good for our skin type. Don’t fall just for the marketing, do your research and find out if that product will really benefit you. Now, my best advice to stay young is to laugh as much as you can! Even if after that you get some wrinkles, who cares? The laugh is the best medicine in the world to keep you young!!!


9. Do you believe that older women have to wear more make-up or less?
Well … mmhh … I don’t think is a matter of quantity, it is more important the kind of make-up that you are using. It is true that a young face can use more make-up (nothing excessive) and still look good, but in general the quality of your make-up do the trick. It is important to consider textures, colors and really analyze which make-up is better for your skin and which one goes better with your skin according to your age.


10. What do you think about red lipstick? Is it for everyone? It makes you look older? It is a fashion again?
Yes, it is a trend but I don’t think is something that all the women can use. You have to create a balance in the face, you can use natural eyes or with very little shadow. In general, I don’t believe it makes you look older, it is not an aging issue, I believe is more an attitude issue. You have to wear them and feel good, if you hesitate is better not to use them.

And before we go …


How do you define the style in a woman? Which things define it?
The attitude is everything for me. The style in a woman is about that look that you can’t let go because it makes you feel comfortable with yourself and self-confident.


Can you give an advice to all the entrepreneurs that are just starting?
You have to be very confident in what you are doing, and look for advice with people that have already done what you want to do. It is important to listen and don’t think that you know everything, because sometimes you think it is perfect the way you are doing things, and it could not be like that.


Well, after this make-up class, I feel like wearing some red lipstick, don’t you?


You can contact Ximena through this email


See you soon!!


Look thinner with out a diet

Finally we have good weather here in Buenos Aires, yesterday was a sunny day, and today is not only sunny but also warm. It is time to take off the sweaters and scarves!

Today I am going to give you some tips to learn how to look thinner with out a diet. We all put on some weight after the winter since chocolate and soups were what we ate with the cold weather, agree? I know that the healthier way to look thinner is doing exercise (which I support 100%) and drop chocolates, but no pressure, that is up to you … meanwhile, here are some useful tips:

1. Use clothes that are your size, forget about the myth that oversized clothes will make you look thinner! On the contrary, those will add volume to your body! Also, avoid everything that is too tight, it will make you look bigger too … the key is to use your size, what ever it is, don’t get frustrated it’s just a number, but it has to be the right one for you.


2. Forget about the leggings and too straight pants, those will not help to balance your body, especially if your problem is on your tights. Use boot cut and straight leg and always try to use a dark color with out any extra decoration. In fact, if you have big tights the best for you either you are overweight or not, is always this kind of pants, forget about leggings forever.

3. Horizontal stripes could be not so flattering, depends on the width of the stripes, but in order to avoid any risk, go with the vertical stripes that for sure will help your body to look longer and slimmer.

4. Use the right size and shape of underwear. Believe it or not a bad choice in this area could put you on weight, since it will create bulks where you may not have any. So, be sure to use what fits you.

5. Avoid accessories that add volume to the part of your body that you want to hide. i.e.: if your problem is your tummy, avoid long necklaces or big belts because the attention will be on that area.


6. Do not use clothes with a lot of details or big pockets in the area that you want to hide.


7. It’s well known that dark colors, especially black, make you look thinner. But, you don’t need to wear always black, the same effect is created if you use the same color in top and bottoms.

8. Wear your hair up in a ponytail with a little volume on the front so your face will look thinner.

And the most important thing: what ever you wear try to feel comfortable in your own skin! You will project that to the others, and they will not even see if you put on some weight. Remember, it is all about attitude!!
So, if you are in the south hemisphere enjoy the warm spring and if you are in the north, receive autumn with fun and in the next posts I will tell you some news and tips for that season.

See you soon!


An accesory for this season

Finally spring arrives here in Argentina which is a great excuse to renew your wardrobe, and why not? Buy a new handbag that you will use during all the season.

Today I am going to present you a new company that belong to a couple of very energetic Argentinean girls that are launching a very original handbag collection and I think it worth to know them. The brand name is “CalleTanas”.

First, lest talk a little about the owners. Maca and Tina are owners and partners of “CalleTanas”, they have been sharing an important part of their lives since they are cousins and they have been sharing apartment during college; so it’s kind of obvious that now they are partners in this new adventure.

Tina was in law school and working in a law firm when her artistic soul started to flow and she decided to start to study how to built handbags, actually she dropped law school and now she is studying Fashion Design.
Maca studied Social Communications, and worked for more than five years in a multinational in the marketing area. Then, she went to Poland for work and Tina visited her to travel a little around Europe. Being in Italy, they both decided that they wanted to have their own company.
So, they came back to Buenos Aires, quit their jobs and after almost a year of preparation they launched “CalleTanas” and started their journey.

1. Why handbags?
We’ve have always loved handbags, and we wanted to have our own company. We were always very picky to choosing the right handbag for us, so we usually end up buying our handbags outside Argentina. So, we decided that we would build a handbag that we love with out having to go outside Argentina to find it.


2. What does “CalleTanas” mean?
So many things! We wanted to create a name with personality that really talks to our consumer about the product and ourselves. “CalleTanas” is about those “Tanas (Italian women) that spend a lot of time outside home”, women that spend almost all their day in the street, just like us. Women that needs to carry their make up and also their gym clothes. We want to offer them a cool handbag that will cover all their needs. A woman handbag is a life partner that share all her adventures and life moments.
Also “CalleTanas” are us, since we both have Italian roots, our last name is Bacigalupo, so every time we design a handbag we fill like we travel again to Italy, where all started…


3. What do we have to consider when choosing a handbag?
Well, first of all, it is not a rational decision, is more like “love at first sight”. Is that first contact that makes you choosing that one handbag and not any other. The decision involves design, color and texture, is that special thing and it’s different for each women. Once you pass that first encounter, you start to evaluate if it works for you, if it includes what you need, the price, etc.
In “CalleTanas” we try to make women fall in love with our products, we have a lot variety so we can satisfy every women needs.


4. How is the “CalleTanas” woman?
She is dramatic, cool, passionate, and curious. She is not only a fashion lover, she does more than that, she owns fashion and plays with it.

5. What is the difference between “CalleTanas” and the other bags existing in the Argentinean market?
We try to create styles that respect the harmony or each material; we try to give each component an important role depending on the handbag. We try to create different design so our client has many choices according to their look. “CalleTanas” is a fusion of avant-garde, functionality, quality and details.


6. What is coming for the next season?
Lot’s of color! Pink, coral, orange, purple, red, green, aqua and light blue. Mix of textures and colors. We have to recognize that we have a lot of fun creating this collection.

7. Is there a “perfect” handbag?
We don’t believe that is one “perfect” handbag all depends in who is wearing the handbag and for what does she need it.


8. Where can we buy a “CalleTana”?
We have a showroom in Buenos Aires, in Recoleta, it’s open every Thursday from 5 to 8:30pm. You can also check the catalog online or in our facebook page.


9. Now a question for you Maca, How do you feel the difference between working by yourself than been in a multinational?
It is much more intense, because here it all depends on your effort. Here I feel 100% involved and it requires more time and brains, your project become part of your personality and the product becomes part of yourself. I feel more tired but the feeling is great, every little success is huge for me!. The best is that you can manage your time and have a better quality of life. The bad thing is that every error is all yours! But that is also great, it is a big responsibility but it is a strongly recommend way of life.


10. Where does “CalleTanas” goes in the future?
We want to become the handbag that defines the Argentinean women, who love her roots but also knows what is going on in the world.

And before we finish …


What is the more important thing that defines a woman style?
Her attitude. And we believe that her handbag is a very important part of it, since it is a very personal choice and it talks a lot about the person who is wearing it.


What do you recommend to the entrepreneurs that are starting?
There is a phrase that says “good things take time” . For us the key of success is to be patient and believe in what you are doing.


See you soon!



Note: You can ask for the address of the “CalleTanas” showroom sending and email to, or in their facebook page. One good thing to consider, is that you can pay with cash or credit card.

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