Let’s talk about jeans

This time I am going to explain you how to choose the best pair of jeans, the best for your body, and especially for your butt, because let’s be clear in something, if your jeans don’t make you have an spectacular butt … what’s the point???

We usually use jeans as “all use” pants, since it can be used for any occasion, depending how you combine them they are perfect for an informal lunch, or for a night at the club. There are many different kind of jeans, with different cuts, lengths, rise, colors, etc … but let’s go to the main issue …

How do you know which pair is the best for your body?

Well, first of all, finding a pair of jeans that are your size, doesn’t warranty that you are going to look great on them, you have to consider the following in order to be sure that they fit you: the length, the cut, the pockets position and the color, although this last one is the less important to consider.

Pockets – the position and the shape of the pockets are key to your butt, if they are too big and they finished below your butt the effect will be a droopy butt, and nobody want that.
If your butt is big, “V” pockets are not good for you because it will enlarge your hips, also if the pockets are very separate form the middle seam of the jeans.
If you have a small butt, then pockets are for you since they will give an extra volume to that area, especially the pockets with buttons. If the pockets are separate from the middle seam of the jeans it will be even better for your butt, it will look bigger.

Rise – this is the length from your crotch to the jeans waist. You have to be very careful with the height of the rise because although it suddenly become a fashion the ultra low rise, it is not always good for every body, just as the high rise … actually that one is not good for anyone! The best is to use the medium rise; especially if you have a big butt the higher the waistline is the better, since the effect will be that your butt is firmer. If you have a tummy don’t use low rise since it will look bigger. And please, don’t let your tong go out from your jeans!! It doesn’t look cool and very probably will not be the best for your body (you may look fat even if you are not).

Length – the jeans length is very important a long and straight pair of jeans will help you to look slimmer and taller, meanwhile an ankle length could automatically put on some weight on you. In fact long jeans are better for everybody, but be careful to not use them too long, go sweeping the town is not cool … If you like long jeans use them with high heels, if not cut them to touch the border of your flat shoe (the top border eh?). You can cut them and let them fray naturally or have them hemmed in the same color stitching.

Cut – this is how your jeans “hug” your legs, butt and thighs.  The slim cut is not recommended if your have a big butt.  The cut that fits almost everybody is the boot cut; it makes your legs look longer and slimmer.

Color – I left this to the end, because it is not really the most important thing that you have to analyze when you buy a pair of jeans, but be careful if it has a washed color in a part that you don’t want to enlarge.

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See you soon!

Fabiola Silva

Credits: the pictures shown here are form the following brands: 7 for all Mind Kind y The Gap.

mmmhh … What can I wear today?

Yes, that is the way that we usually start our day, we make a mental map of the activities during the day to be able to identify what will be the perfect “look” for all of them. Usually, we have problems matching colors and textures, and it is worst if we just bought a new bag in red (color that you don’t use that much) and we are trying to match it with the outfit. Disaster!

That’s why I am going to give you some tips in order to ease your life every morning:

  • It is not necessary to match bag, shoes and belt; you can use the same color and texture for the three items or just match two of the three things. Actually, it is better if you make contrast with one of the three things in a completely different color.
  • Always try to have in your outfit just one center of attention (the first thing that you want people to check when they look at you). For example, if you are using a colorful necklace try to use the rest of your clothes in a more neutral combination so that the “star” of your look will be the necklace.
  • It is totally fine to mix brown with black, but never brown with grey.

  • Do not be afraid of contrasting colors in your outfit, mix colors and play with combinations like blue with red, orange and violet.
  • Try not to combine clothes of the same range of color if they are not exactly of the same tone, it is always better to create contrast mixing with other colors. (Dry clean tip: always send to the dry clean the dress and the belt together, or the pants and the jacket, if not, you may see a change of tones between each item)
  • If you are happy with your outfit but you still have the feeling that “something is missing”, try on a scarf, it will always help to complete your look is like the “final touch”.
  • Do not use jeans and jean jacket, try to use with your jeans corduroy or lather jackets.
  • Snickers are ONLY to go to the gym, and to be used with pants and gym clothes, never with jeans or any other kind of clothes. There are other kinds of cool tennis that you can use for a sport and casual look, but running shoes are only to run.
  • If you are going to use sandals or any open shoe, remember that you have to do a pedicure since your nails have to be perfect they become part of your shoe.
  • Remember that your look goes form head to toe, so don’t forget little details, use accessories and enjoy the every morning process of getting dress!

I hope that you can use this information in order to have better and more relaxing mornings where you don’t have to ask to yourself … and today, what am I going to wear?

See you soon!

Fabiola Silva