About me …

Name: Fabiola Silva

Nationality: Mexican

Residence: Depends … today is Argentina, but during the last years I have been in the UK, New York, Mexico and for a little while in Madrid … depends …

My nerdy side: Business Administration degree (México), MBA (UK), Image Consultant (Argentina), Protocol (Argentina).

My favorite things: clothes, accessories, watches, skating, yoga, horse ridding, dance, go out with friends, travel, photography and go to the movies. Ah … and I love to eat any kind of food!!

My collection: watches, rings and cows (not alive eh?)

My heart: and Argentinean guy is taking good care of it …

My proposal: help you to get your best look and the image that you want to project with out changing who you are. You don’t have to get slimmer, taller or become a millionaire, I am going to show you to get the best from you, just the way you are.

Let me know about you, I will love to know which topics are you interested on, and how can I help you!!

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Welcome to the ride, I hope we can have fun together helping you at the same time!!!