Spring is here … or … it is autumn?

Hey! I am back! I was traveling for a week, the thing is that all of the sudden we organized a trip to Puerto Madryn (in the south of Argentina) to watch whales, so as you can imagine, I had to go! I strongly recommend you to do it, it is incredible to watch whales, and penguins whenever you have a chance, try to go!

And meanwhile I was traveling, we change season!! Here in the south hemisphere we start to feel the warm spring meanwhile in the north hemisphere you are starting to breath again with a fresh autumn after a very warm summer!!! Since the readers of this blog are from all around the world, I am going to talk about the shoes that you can use either for spring or autumn, for the north it will not be something new but it is always good some information that you can apply for the next season!

If you are in the north hemisphere, now you are ready to wear boots in all lengths, so here are some tips for you:

  • Upper knee boots, with this you can be very sexy or very weird if you don’t use them correctly. First you have to be sure that this kind of boot enhance your legs, if the boots are too tight don’t use them. Since this kind of boot will never be unnoticed, do not use them with a tight mini skirt so you will not become “Pretty woman”, try to combine them with loose mini skirts or with pencil pants.

  • Knee length boots, especially if you are using them with skirt, have to be tight to your calf, it doesn’t matter the width of your leg. The boot has to sculpt your leg, if it’s loose in the ankle or to tight in your calf, just don’t use it and forget to buy it! If you are using this boots with pants, don’t let it too baggy over the boot, the trouser has to be straight and the best is with no wrinkles. That is why it is always recommended to use pencil pants with this kind of boots.

  • The ankle boot it is usually more difficult to combine since many women could look little shorter with them. Avoid use them with skirts half-length, and be careful to use them with pencil pants since sometimes, not always, it could seam like it enlarges your hips.

If you are in the south hemisphere, here are some tips to use sandals:

  • If you use sandals you should do a pedicure, it can’t be one with out the other.

  • It doesn’t matter the height of your heels, the foot has to be always inside the shoe. The sandals will never be smaller or bigger, just exactly the size of your feet. This sounds kind of obvious, but sometimes, especially if you are using high heels, the feet tends to move to the front, or goes out a little on the back when you walk. Try them and give some steps with them on before buying a new pair.

  • Gladiator sandals that are tide at the ankle could shorten your legs.
  • If you have a hard time using high heels, you can always use wedges shoes … it will give you more stability and usually they are very comfortable.

Believe it or not, your shoes reflects and define your personal style, the way you dress and your personality, so always be careful to what you wear and how your wear it!!

See you soon!

Fabiola Silva

The brands showed here are Anthropologie, Nine West, Jimmy Choo y Sofi Martiré.

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