On-line services

1. Image consultation (full service)

Without leaving your place, you just have to fill out a simple questionnaire so we can know more about you and after one week from the date that we received your questionnaire you will receive a complete report of your Image Consultation.


This service includes:


Color analysis

Find out which colors are best for your skin tone and how you can enhance your appearance just by choosing the right colors. This service includes a full color analysis, suggested color combinations, and example of outfits to ease your dressing decisions. You will also learn about seasonal colors.


Body proportions analysis

This analysis will help you to have a better understanding of your own body and learn which clothes are more becoming for you. We will teach you how to accessorize to complement your bodyline. Once you have learned  the right type of clothes for you, your life will change and you will always be stylish as it will be a natural thing for you.


Style definition

Taking into consideration your life style, your personality and your daily activities we will define the style that is better for you or the one that is more natural for you, it all depends on your personal objectives. Based on your style, we will help you to choose your clothes according to what is better for you in shape and color.


Outfit suggestions

At the end of the complete analysis, we will help you to choose the best outfits for your daily activities and for special occasions.


Cost  $120 USD