Perfect nails … really?

Last week I had a very bad time, since trying to be neat and clean I made to myself a pedicure that end up in a “massacre” of my poor toenail. I had to go to the hospital, where the Doctor gave me 4 days of antibiotics and a week of “resting” my foot to be able to start walking again. Not funny at all!

The good thing is that after my bad experience I learned that I don’t have to cut my nails so much (I always cut them till the limit) because you end up causing an ingrown nail. Especially if like me, you practice a sport like running because then your poor nails are receiving an extra effort and they will get more damage, it is like every day torture for your poor fingernails.

Any way, I learnt something and I will definitely go with the specialist next time, it was not fun to hurt myself so bad.

So, after telling you about my little “not funny” adventure, now I will talk about nails and specifically about nail polish. We all hate that when you get a manicure it usually last less than a week. And if you decided to use a dark polish, forget it, not even a week, very soon they will get damage and start to get scratched.

Not long ago, I found out an amazing nail polish that is like if you are using an acrylic but it is applied like the regular nail polish. The best thing is that it last for 15 days and your nails don’t scratched or damage in any way. Of course after 15 days you have to go and do it again because your nail grows, but the manicure still perfect until that date (that’s what they say).
Now, the disadvantages are that you have to put it and remove it on the salon; you cannot do it at your place. The thing that makes me doubt more about the product, is not knowing if at the end you damage your nails since what you are putting on them is a “semi-acrylic” (like a false nails). It supposed to be thinner than the regular one; but it covers your nails completely.

Watch the video of the product, the brand is SHELLAC:


As you can see, the product sound more than marvelous, but, is it really? Soon you I will let you know where to find it in Argentina, but by now you can already find the product in many beauty salons in Mexico, Madrid and in many places around the world.

Have you try it? If so, tell me about your experience and if you like it.

See you soon!!


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  1. Sonia

    Hi Fabiola, I’m a shellac convert! Have been getting a shellac manicure every fortnight for several months. My nails are healthier and stronger than ever before. I’m now spending the next few months in Buenos Aires and can’t find a shellac salon anywhere. Has it been introduced here yet? Great site, thanks.

    September 8th, 2011

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