Oscar night

As every year, the Oscar night is the event where celebrities and designers join forces to create great looks. In fact, the awards ceremony is usually fun but the fashion looks can be observed at the beginning of the show at the red carpet that is usually as expected as the show itself.

From my point of view the best dresses were the following:

Natalie Portman, Oscar winner for best actress, she looked amazing, although she is 8 months pregnant. This is a great example of how even if you are pregnant you can look amazing! The purple color and the Swarovski crystals on the top create a very feminine dress. The designer is Rodarte and please check out the earrings from Tiffany, this model is something that you will see very often, so much that even the TNT presenter has a very similar pair.

Michelle Williams, nominated for best actress, had a dress by Channel, a very elegant and feminine design, and she looked amazing especially with that haircut, it looks better on her this length that the other that was longer.

Gwyneth Paltrow, was a performer, have you heard her signing? She has a nice voice! She had one of the best dresses of the night, the designer was Calvin Klein, it was a metallic dress that makes her look amazing and with that cleavage the dress looks very sexy. Look the belt with the brooch Louis Vuitton. Some people say, from what I’ve read today that her dress was horrible, I just loved it, I leave the final opinion to you …

Halle Berry, as she usually do, create a very special look for the night, perfect match with the color of her skin. The designer is Marchesa and the dress is all crystal-encrusted.

Jennifer Houdson, keeps surprising me since she lost so much weight! Look at her, in this amazing orange dress Atelier Versace. You have to agree with me that she look so much better like this than before no?

Mila Kunis, I am sure you remember her because the TV show named “That 70’s show”; she used an Elie Saab Haute Couture (dress made specially to her), in lavender. It was a very feminine look due to the details of laces. Little too feminine for me, but very sexy!

Cate Blanchett, she has a very different and original dress by Givency Haute Couture, the style is very similar to the style of and Argentinean designer named Trosman who use very similar material. I loved Cates’ dress, specially the back, because is just sexy and different, and well, she always look very sophisticated.

Nicole Kidman, I honestly hate this dress. I mention it here, because I was surprised about her election, the color, the design, nothing was good for her. The strange thing is that she usually dresses very elegant. Something that was not that bad in her look was her hair and the necklace.

Scarlett Johansson, was amazing in that dress, the color was great, her hairstyle, everything. I specially loved the back of the dress; as you can see it is very feminine, very Scarlett, don’t you think? The designer was Dolce Gabbana.

And last but not least, I leave you with the best dress that Anne Hathaway used during the night, the designer was Tom Ford and I think it is amazing the mix of the laces and the crystals, just great!

As you can see, it was a night full of fashion and of course movies, I hope your favorites won … although I think the award ceremony was quite predictable, don’t your think? Almost all the winners already won at he Golden Globe, so the real intrigue was gone, … don’t you think? Which dress do you like the most?

See you soon!


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