Let’s move!

Yesterday was a great day; I used my roller blades again! And I also convinced my boyfriend to come with me, so it was double fun.

And just when I was getting ready, I thought that it would be good to give you some tips about the clothes that you could use to exercise. In fact, it all depends in the type of exercise that you are going to do, you can be super fashion or super basic, is your choice. All depends in how do you want to look and how much are you willing to spend.

In my case, I always wanted to have the entire “look” before I could even learn the sport; my family always makes fun of me. For example, I never learned to play tennis but I had the entire outfit!

Any way, here are some tips that you can apply to any kind of sport that you do:

  • Always use a sport bra, especially for running. You can also use the tops that have already included the bra. Don’t do exercise with your regular bra, because you will not have the support that you need and that area is really delicate and need to stay always in its place. The less they jump the better.

  • The panties are also important, use a style that allows you to be comfortable and to do the sport that you want with out getting hurt. Not always the sexiest panty is the best to do exercise, remember always the priority is to be comfortable while exercising.
  • Depending on which sport you practice, you will need different kind of snickers so, be sure to buy the right ones depending on what you will do. Your feet and your knees will thank you! Also, be sure to use the right socks so you will not get any blister.

  • If you do outdoor activities, always use sun protection cream, especially for your face. The best will be to wear a cap (if you can).
  • Try to practice the sport of your choice at least 3 times per week, choose something that you like to do so you will enjoy it. I am not telling you this in order to loose weight, and become a model. Of course you can get thinner doing exercise, but that is not my point. Exercise because it is a healthy habit and you will feel better. It doesn’t matter how old are you … move!  Find something that you enjoy doing and move your body!

I’ve always liked to do exercise, but one year ago, I started practicing yoga, and I found something different and deeper than any other sport, I just love it. So if you don’t know what to do, try yoga, it might surprise you as much as it did to me.

See you soon!


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