Don’t wait any more …

Today I am in a philosophic mood; you know that once in a while I start to talk about what I think instead of just fashion. So, everything started with something that I received on Facebook which I just loved an I want to share with you:


Don’t wait for time…Make it. Don’t wait for love…Feel it. Don’t wait for money…Earn it. Don’t wait for a path…Find it. Don’t wait for opportunity…Create it. Don’t go for less…Get the best. Don’t compare…Be unique. Don’t avoid failure…Use it. Don’t dwell on mistakes…Learn from them. Don’t back down…Go around. Don’t close your eyes…Open your mind. Don’t run from life…Embrace & enjoy it.


I just loved it! It makes me think about all the happy people that have been around me lately, that are not really that happy, they just hide all their issues putting them in a little box in the bottom of their head so they don’t have to think about it or getting worried, they just don’t want to stop enjoying their “happiness”.

Does this ring a bell? If it does, is because we all have that little box with issues, pending stuff, sadness and things that we don’t want to fix, we just think is better to put them away and keep on with our lives. The thing is… why do we do that? And I say we because I do that too, it is easier to hide the problems instead of face them. We procrastinate instead of act.

But, don’t you think it will be better to face our issues and just fix them? For me the summary of the paragraph at the beginning is: ¡stop waiting … act! Uf! That is difficult because we always have something pending that we just don’t do and we prefer to keep it that way: sewing a button from a shirt, clean your closet, that drawer in your desk, start doing exercise, keep your diet, organize that trip of your life, show your love to that special person … and we can go on an on with the list of things that we all just postpone, until that list become a problem because we get worried of not doing anything.

The worst thing is, that we all carry with our little box of issues everyday, is not that we can leave it at home, it’s part of us and we will not get rid of it until we do one thing: ACT and solve our issues. Easy don’t you think? But the question is … how????

What I can recommend you, and I am not trying to be a shrink, is to start writing the things that you want to do and you haven’t done, and all your issues, so you can really see the size of your problem. It is always better to see the things instead of having all flying in your head. Once you have your list, start fixing the easy things (like the button of your shirt) and then go to the more complicated, and if you just can’t see the solution ask for help: a friend, a shrink, a coach, whomever you think that can help you. Please just don’t postpone anything, try to give a solution to your entire list or at least set a time frame so you will have a goal not just a pending.
If you do that, then you will stop carrying that box of issues and you can start focusing more in your life. Do you think you can do that?

We can apply that philosophy to Image Consulting, I have clients that didn’t come for the consultancy before, because they were waiting to loose weight, but guess what? They never started any diet or did any exercise … so their goal became a frustration and at the end they were just postponing their aim of look better. They finally came to me when they accepted their body the way it was and stopped feeling guilty about not loosing weight. I helped them to enhance their image and they just felt better and lighter because with out loosing weight they lost a big pending in their lives. When you look in the outside great, you feel inside great and your self-steam increase automatically.

Any way, if in your agenda today is the task of see what does your box of issues have inside, do not leave that for tomorrow, do it today! Take the time to analyze what you have been postponing and ACT! Do it today, because tomorrow today will be yesterday! Wow that was too philosophic I guess! Je je

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And last but not least … please go back and read the paragraph that I include at the beginning and remember … don’t wait … act!!!

See you soon!


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