Cannes International Film Festival

This month is full of fashion, on May 11th started the Cannes International Film Festival and at the red carpet some of the celebrities used their best outfits.

For those of you who doesn’t have a clue about what is this film festival, here is a little of history. Jean Zay, Minister of Public Education and Fine Arts created the festival. He wanted to have an event that was able to compete with the Venice Film Festival.
The first edition of the festival in Cannes was in 1946, and since then they celebrate it every May (well actually at the beginning was held on September but then in 1952 they moved it to May). In 1955 they started to give the “Palme d’or” to the best film.

At the beginning every country could send to the festival any material they wanted, but since 1972 the participant selection was hold by the Festival itself being them who decide which movies will participate. In the festival are included long films and short films having each of them different prizes according to their category.
In sum, this Festival encourages the networking and interaction between all the members of the film industry.
If you want to know more about the Festival, go to and you can find what is going on during the 10 days that the festival last, who are the participants and who are the jury (by the way this year the president of the jury is Robert de Niro).

Now, going back to our business … let’s talk about the fashion that some celebrities used during the Festival so far. I will show you some dresses that catch my attention because of its elegance and originality.

First lets see Uma Thurman, she is a jury in the Festival. She used in the red carpet a Versace dress that, as you can see, is very elegant and it has a touch of feathers in the skirt that makes it very feminine but not exaggerated. The second dress was used for a day presentation and it is a Dolce & Gabbana, it is simple and discrete but actually quite informal. But then, she compensated it with the Chanel dress (autumn 2008) that she used in the premier of “On Stranger Tides” which is also white but very elegant.

Rachel Mc Adams, who is involved in the new Woody Allen production “Midnight in Paris”, used two very romantic options. The first one that she used in the red carpet was a Marchesa (Fall 2011 collection) and the second one was a Maxime Simoens, I just loved both! She looks very feminine and elegant.

In the red carpet Salma Hayek used a dress from the Gucci Premiere Couture collection, which has a beautiful embroider. Nevertheless, I don’t think it was her best look, I think she looks better with more colorful outfits. The next day in the photo call of “Puss in Boots” (yes, the same cat of Shrek) she used a Gucci dress with a red floral bolero which reminds me a lot the look of Jennifer Lopez at the MET Gala, remember? Now, honestly I like this outfit much more than the one of JLo, I guess is the leather dress. What do you think?

Penelope Cruz used in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” premier a velvet dress of Stella McCartney (fall 2011 collection) that was simple but very elegant. For the premier of “On Stranger Tides” she used a Marchesa dress that honestly I didn’t like at all, did you like it?

And here is Sara Jessica Parker, in the “Wu Xia” premier using a spectacular dress of Elie Saab. I loved it!

As you can see, there are always events where we can see a lot of beautiful or horrible dresses … that is the world of fashion and celebrities and don’t deny it, we all love it!

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