SAG Awards 2012

As I told you before, the red carpet season started and yesterday we had the chance to enjoy the SAG Awards 2012 which is the recognition of the best on TV and movies but the jury are the actors, so that makes this awards particularly special.


Here is the best and the worst of the red carpet:


Emma Stone en un Alexander McQueen it was just perfect.


Michelle Williams in a Valentino of asymmetrical cut, it was so elegant and very original. She always looks good.


Sofia Vergara used a Marchesa in a great raspberry color that helped to show her curves, she always look good, don’t you think?


George Clooney’s girlfriend looks spectacular in this Marchesa, and he was as gorgeous as her in a Giorgio Armani tuxedo. By the way, her name is Stacey Keibler that honestly, who cares!!!


Natalie Portman wore a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture, which was spectacular, she is always gorgeous she is just very elegant always and in the last events she is using always strapless, did you notice that?


Lea Michelle used a wonderful Versace dress, but I am not quite convinced with her, since I don’t see her as ”fame fatal” it looks kind of fake.


Viola Davis used a great Marchesa, very elegant and nice dress but, I am not completely sure if that size was the best for her, her bust was kind of exploiting, it is a shame because she is always very cute.


Emily Bunt used a green Oscar de la Renta, I like the dress but I guess I like the green more that the design. John Krasinski her boyfriend used a Prada.

Melissa McCarthy, I just love her because she really knows herself, her body and she always use dress that make her look amazing.


And to close this part of great dresses, here is Glen Close in a Zac Posen and Meryl Streep using a Vivienne Westwood Couture.


The worst …


Angelina Jolie with this dress from Jenny Packham, she is not looking horrible but I don’t think she looks as good as she had been in other events, she looks very pale, not wonderful … Brad Pitt used a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere … he looks just good!


Busy Phillips just look horrible very informal and I guess she thought this was more a hippie event, the dress was by Simone.


Kalye Cuoco, the star of “The Big Bang Theory” show was just plain the dress was good but that color and that hair … it was not her best day. The dress was by Ramona Kaveza.


Zoe Saldana, in this Givenchy Couture was just like she was in a pyjama or some dress very weird and ugly.


Maya Rudolph is about to explode in this Naeem Khan, what about using your right size?


Jessica Chastain in this Calvin Klein Collection was not horrible but too simple for the occasion, and with that body, come on! Use something more flattering!


What do you think? Which one is your favorite?


See you soon!









To get inspired …

I am still in Mexico enjoying a weather that seams to be more and more Spring than Winter, the weekend is on and I have zero inspiration.

It is very frustrating that sometimes you squeeze your brain trying to find ideas and nothing … nothing comes to you … well today is one of those days, and since I have no much to say I will show you some of the Spring collections for 2012 that I haven’t show you before and that I just love.




Carolina Herrera RTW


Chanel couture


Vera Wang

I really love this last one, don’t you?

Have a great weekend.

See you soon!


And the red carpet events started …

The red carpet season started which means that is time of get the awards for the best performances on TV and movies in the US. Last week was the “People Choice Awards” and the “Critics Choice Awards” and last Sunday was the “Golden Globe Awards”. I don’t know about you, but I just love to watch these shows because I love the red carpet and all the designs, the looks and all the glamour involved. The three events took place with very few days between each other, but I can say that the amount of glamour was very different in each one, the best was the “Global Globe Awards”, and also it was interesting to see that on this last one the dresses were very colorful meanwhile on the “Critics Choice Awards” the trend was black and white.


Here a little summary of what I liked the most, for me the best dresses were on the “Golden Globe Awards” because on the others I couldn’t find many great examples to show you, especially at the “People Choice Awards” the red carpet was not that good.


I am going to start with the best for me and I am talking about Charlize Theron, I am presenting you two dresses, the black one from the “Critics Choice Awards” is an Azzedine Alaïa that was just amazing, and for the “Golden Globe Awards” she used a Dior, as you can see she was completely elegant and sexy, even though it has a lot of details that could have been too much (the deep neckline, a huge open leg and a beautiful big bow) the whole combination and her hair was just perfect. Loved it!!

The second one on my list was the design that by the way to celebrities used, not exactly the same design, but very similar. I am talking about Angelina Jolie with a Versace that made her look very elegant and sexy, especially the design was really good for her because due to her extreme thing body the neckline so up was great. The other celebrity is Natalie Portman with a beautiful Lanvin in pink with the neckline detail in red. Which one is your favorite?

One design that was very common among celebrities, was the mermaid cut dress, that was for some of them a great choice and for others not so good. For example the best was Sofia Vergara, in this Vera Wang she just looked amazing and very curvy, Tilda Swinton with a Haider Ackermann looks very elegant specially considering that she always choose weird dress options that could be good or just a disaster, for example look what she choose for the “Critic Choice Awards” it was an YSL that didn’t really worked for her.

The other two celebrities that used this dress cut and was not really their best option were Reese Witherspoon and Kelly Osbourne. Both of them used Zac Posen designs, but Reese didn’t look elegant with that hair and for me she even looked a little fat, and Kelly, well … let’s say that it didn’t really helped her especially with those sleeves that are quite original but not the best for her, I think she looked better in the “Critics Choice Awards” with a Honor.

Another trend at the “Golden Globe Awards” were the laces and the tulle, and again here we have three great examples of how to use that in a very sexy way and one very sad example of how to look very bad, and she is Jessica Biel. Although she used an Elie Saab design, she looked more like a sad bride than an elegant celebrity. And don’t get me wrong, I really love Elie Saab designs but this time I don’t know what happened that it was not the best option for Jessica.

Here we have three designs that have not tulle or lazes, they have exactly the opposite a lot of metal and stones, and I just love all of them. As you can see each one in her own style look elegant and sexy, the only change that I could do is on Zooey’s hair because that halter deserve no hair around, don’t you think?

Now here are some examples of how it‘s possible to look stunning and be over 50, Helen and Meryl look amazing. Madonna looks good but her dress seams to be a little to tight on the top and the skirt was kind of too much … I love her, she looked good but not stunning…

I love Michelle Williams’s style, she is always very elegant but in the “Golden Globe Awards” she made a weird choice and she wasn’t as elegant as with the dress she used in the “Critics Choice Awards” as you can see in this pictures:

Here are three dresses that are sober, elegant and very original, especially I choose them because  this three girls know how to dress! My favorite design was the Gucci from Jessica de Alba. It was just perfect!

One of the dresses that created a big impact, was the one that Evan Rachel Wood used; it was a Gucci with a beautiful halter and a feather skirt. I liked it a lot because it was very original and she definitely knew how to wear such a dress, great attitude. I also included the one that she used for the “Critics Choice Awards” because I believe she also looked great in that dress, lots of style in both events.


And to close with a laugh, please look at one of the worst dresses that I have seen in a long time, she is Sarah Michelle Gellar in a Monique Lhuillier design that actually looks more like a Cinderella dress after washing it with a lot of bleach! ☺

See you soon!


A new order for a new year

I don’t know why coming back from a holiday is always tough, and specially in my case it’s even worst because I really relaxed during my holidays, I relaxed so much that I am writing a week later, my very first post of 2012. Better late than never! Don’t you think? What do you expect about his year? They say it will come full of changes and energy and specially that the world will end the way we know it, I believe the theory that it will be a huge spiritual change where things will reallocate and rearrange.


So, in order to be ready to start this very interesting year, I suggest you to do a very good change that could help you to get rid of all the things that you don’t need: clean your closet!


Here are some tips that may help you:


1. If you have things that you haven’t used in one year, is time to get rid of them, don’t keep things thinking that you will use them some day because believe me, that will never happen. Usually this kind of clothes are those that you bought planning to loose weight, but guess what? Usually the result is that you never lost that weight and you never wear it. You have to buy things on your size, your current size, and in the colors that look better on you, if not you will never wear them.


2. Get rid of everything that is faded, torn or very used, unless you want to use them for cleaning of painting your room.

3. In order to make a better selection of your clothes, the best will be that you know your body the kind of clothes that are better for you, and also the colors that look best on your skin, so, choosing your daily outfit will be a no brain because everything will fit you. Then, I recommend you that if you are not completely sure it’s better to try on all the clothes that you have doubt about how it looks on you, and then decide if you will keep them or not.


4. When we talk about shoes is a completely different story because here it doesn’t matter if you haven’t used them for a year, because maybe that wonderful pair is perfectly fine and you don’t have to get rid of it, keep using them for your special events. The only thing that you have to consider … yep, there is always something to consider, is how damage are your shoes in general, because if they are too used is better to through them out, remember that your shoes talk about your personality and your style, so try always to keep them perfect.

5. Once you finish deciding what to keep and what to toss remember that there are always people who needs clothes no matter if they are not completely perfect so give everything to your closest church or to people that you think may need help. Also, a very important point is to remember that you have to separate all those clothes that need any repair (hem, buttons, etc) and fix them before put them back in your closet.


The best of all these process is that at the end you will have more space in your closet to put new things and start 2012 with a lot of energy and style.


In case you would like to make a deeper change and not only change your closet but also your image, remember that I can help you just contact me and I can help you to change your image online or face-to-face all depends where you live.


See you soon!



Happy holidays!!!

From the beach with a very wild sea, but with a wonderful weather, I am writing you to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy happy new year!!! I hope this 2012 will be a year full of good news and surprises.

Thanks for have been with Manequi during this year and I hope I can continue being part of your life in 2012

See you next year!!



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