Style: Pregnant

A good friend is pregnant with almost 4 months, and she asked me to write about this especially beautiful stage of life, so here I am. I’ve already wrote something about it on 2011, but fashion evolve and now there are more interesting things to use having a tummy (pregnancy tummy ok? Ha ha ).


Since my friend lives in Madrid I will focus the store examples in that city, so all of my readers that live on that side of the world can go shopping.


As I mentioned before, being pregnant doesn’t mean to be sick, so there’s no excuse to have a sloppy look. You have to still taking care of your hair, nails, and skin, remember, your style should remain even with your new body and your wonderful belly, it’s time to enjoy it! It is important to take care of yourself, during the pregnancy and after it.


We all have different bodies; I hope you already know the rules for your specific body type, because during this stage you have to continue following those rules. Your body structure will remain the same even if you put on weight. Always check your clothes in the mirror before going out, because some things will look better than others.


For example, H&M has a “pre-mum” department with an interesting variety of styles, shirts with a regular shape, and others with empire line. If you are one of the lucky girls who from behind look like if they are not pregnant, then the regular shape that is straighter is the one for you.

But if you are like the whole majority of pregnant women who put on more weight than expected, and you have some love handles … relax and enjoy! But it will be better for you to use the empire line dresses and shirts, it will hide the love handles and it will be more flattering for your figure.

Regarding the pants that you should use, do not keep trying to fit in your old jeans, do not use tricks to enlarge them so the button can close, just put them on your closet and try some of these jeans that I am showing you here.

As you can see they have the special part to hold your belly, but it also looks normal on bottom. It is very important to keep considering the right cut for your body type. If you have wide hips, forget about the leggings and go with the straight cut, or the boot cut. And another tip … even after you have your baby, the tight jeans are not for you.

The best for your situation will be to use the “A” shape, try to use dresses and skirt with this shape. If you are used to straight skirts (pencil type) you might be able to use something similar but again, be careful with your new body, the “A” shape will be always more flattering. Avoid the clothes with a boxy shape because that will not separate your bust from your belly and you will look as a sack.

Another kind of neckline that is very flattering, is this one with small folds, it helps the bust shape avoiding the square look that I was talking before. Here some examples in shirts and dresses.

And it happens to be, that just now with this hot spring and the summer soon to come, you have huge belly, and I am sure you will want to go to the beach and wear a swimming suit. There are a lot of people that wears a bikini, but again … all depends on your body. If you happen to be a pregnant woman with out love handles or any extra fat on your body, the bikini is for you. If you are a chubbier pregnant happy woman, then the full swimming suit is your option. But that doesn’t mean it has to be bored, look at this examples.

Remember to use always a lot of sun block because especially in this stage of your life, with the hormones so alive, there is very common to have skin patches in your face.


So, enjoy your pregnancy and keep your style all the way.


See you soon!




Autumn – Winter on the south

As I promised, here is all you have to know about fashion if you live at the south cone, I know … if you are already half way of Autumn, what do you care about what is going on? You are right! So, that’s why, I will tell you what is also a trend for winter, so you will have plenty of time to go shopping.


Here are the most important trends for the season and also I am including some of the Argentinean designers so you can see how do they applied each trend to their collections:


1. Military – here the trend is to use the colors (green, beige) but mainly it is about design. Wide shoulders, straight sleeves, everything very military style.

2. Tapestry embroidered and wall style – it could be used with embroidered flowers, of velvet with exotic designs. It is used a lot in suits.

3. Equestrian – this style had been used a lot before, but this time comes with a new mix and it could include leggings or wide pants with boots.

4. Orange, white, blue and green emerald, are the season colors, you can find them in different variations and combinations.

5. Belts – you can wear them thin or wide, the point is to accentuate the waist.

6. Flared ruffles attached to the waist, it could be in a blazer, a dress, a trench, or a blouse. Just be careful is your waist is wide then this trend is not for you. It will make you look wider.

7. Leather and quilted tops – the leather comes again for pants and tops, but now the trend is the quilted tops, especially for jackets.

As you can see there are many trends and in Argentina it will be easy to find them because some designers applied the trends in their collections.

Now you are ready to go for a great shopping day.


See you soon!


Spring …

I know we are on April and spring started a month ago, but maybe you still wondering what to wear and which are the trends for the season because you might want to go shopping … well here is what you should focus on:


The main trends for 2013 spring are:


1. Flowers

The floral print is applied in every piece but especially on the bottoms and the main trend are the pants. It is important to remember always your body type, because something could be a trend, but what you should always look for is that the trend flatters your figure. So, if you have wide hips, this trend is not suggested for since the print will make you look wider, especially if the trousers are skinny, because skinny pants are not for this type of body. But relax; you can use flowers in many other ways, no matter your body type, because the trend is to use floral prints in dresses, blouses or skirts. Here are some examples:

2. Lace

This season the lace is used in many different ways, for skirts, dresses, blouses and even trousers. As you can see, some designers as Marchesa, used laces and flowers. That is very feminine. When using transparencies the key is to know that if our underwear supposed to be seen, it has to be as wonderful as the clothes that we have above them. If it happens to be your panty what is shown, always use a complete one, like a boyshort panty. See the example of the Dolce Gabbana dress.

3. Stripes and checkers

It’s incredible the variety of ways that designers used to apply this kind of print, and as you can see it also apply for dresses, trousers, skirts and blouses. Using stripes, some rules should apply, because depending on the side, width and amount of stripes; your figure could be look wider and not so flattering.
Checkers are another trend that exploit especially with Louis Vuitton collection. As you can see they used it in every single piece and with laces, or solid colors.

It’s important to consider that when using this kind of print, the accessories have to be discrete, keep that on mind.

4. Crop top (90’s style)

This trend is similar of what we used on the 90’s but with a little twist, this time designers are not really showing the whole belly, it’s more focused on showing a little part that is just at the ribs height, like a high-waisted pants or skirts.

Eventhough there are some examples that shows the whole belly:


The trick using this trend is to be sure that what we show is not fat, it is important to have a flat belly because the part of the skin that you shows is like another accessory of your look … so my advice is, that if you have even a little fat … do not us a crop top … there is no need, don’t you think?


So, you’re still on time to go shopping and get some of the season trends. On my next post I will talk about the trends for all of you who lives on the south cone of the world and are enjoying autumn season.

See you soon!


Red Carpet Season

I thought it will be interesting for this first post, to make a summary of all the red carpets season that just happened during this first quarter of the year, what its called, the award season for TV and movies, the best opportunity to see all the fashion trends and new looks of the international celebrities.


I included the following events:

People’s Choice Awards – January 9
Critics’ Choice Awards – January 10
Golden Globe – January 13
The Grammy – February 10
The Oscars – February 25


In general the designers that dressed more celebrities these season were: Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior y Gucci.


As we all know the Oscars is the best gala, but for me many celebrities looked better in the Golden Globes, like Adele, who wore for the Grammy a floral gown from Valentino, which was to much print for her body, it makes her look bigger and not as good as she looks in the other events where she used black.

Naomi Watts, is every event looked spectacular, she changed completely her every time.

Anne Hathaway, looked great but her choice at the Oscars was weird, the dress was not completely perfect for her specially in the upper part. Nevertheless her short hairstyle looks great and suits her face shape.

Among my favorite dresses were the choices used by Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Great choices of shape and color every single time!

Marion Cotillard looked simply spectacular, and very elegant … here she is in the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

Taylor Swift was very elegant in each event and here dresses were very beautiful, but I think she looked older than what she is, the best choice was the J Mendel gown for the Grammy.

Jessica Chastain, made her best choice for the Oscar, because in the other two events she looked very elegant but the upper part of her dresses were not really flattering for her body, the best choice was the strapless.

Jennifer Garner, knows her body very well and that’s why she choose strapless for both events, both gowns had modern designs and very colorful options, but the downside was that she looked very similar in both occasions, don’t you think?

Salma Hayek … well what can I say, I love her, she always looks amazing, but for me this time she didn’t make the best choices. For the Oscar she looks like Cleopatra, she is very small and with that large neckline she looks weird. And for the Golden Globe, she looks older with that hairstyle.

Nicole Kidman looked great in all those dresses but I am so sad about her face, stop the botox! She used to be very beautiful and look at her!. Jennifer Aniston was ok but she could have been better.

Octavia Spencer is a great example of how to dress and look spectacular without being skinny. As you can see she used two options of the same designer and she just look great, the style fits her body and both were very flattering and very different one from the other, great choices!

And since we are in the new era of Manequi, we cannot miss the manly side of the red carpet, so here is Bradley Cooper using Tom Ford in both events. His suit is straight, elegant and he changed his look also using stubble to complete the informal look.

Eddie Redyman, is another great example, of how to look completely different, elegant and with lot of style, he used Gucci.

Here are another examples that are not my favorites but are good examples of different kinds of suits.

Here are some other examples of celebrities that looked spectacular at the Oscars:

Especially Charlize Theron looks amazing and I love her short hair. Renne Zellweger, always loyal to Carolina Herrera, shows her fit and beautiful body on that dress but I didn’t love it, to simple.


Here another beautiful dresses from the Grammy and the Golden Globe.

Now, the worst dresses of the season:


JLo, what was she thinking with what ever she was wearing at the Grammy? She looks much better at the Oscars but still, not amazing.

Lea Michele at the People’s Choice Award,  that pink dress is awful and all her attitude, in the other hand at the Golden Globe she looked elegant and beautiful.

Reese Witherspoon wore a Gucci that was not really flattering her figure, since her bottoms look wider than they are due to the black detail on the dress. Helen Hunt chose a dress from H&M but it was full of wrinkles, which make it looks like if she was wearing a bed sheet. Sally Field … well she is a wonderful actress who usually is very elegant , but that dress is not so good since the effect at her belly bottom makes her look wider than she is.

And to have a great end, here is Quvenzhane Wallis, beautiful at any age …

See you soon!


And I am back …

My dear readers,


First of all, I want to apologize for being away for so long, almost a year, but I have suffer big losses, phasing renovations and having a lot …a lot of pain … so, as you can imagine, I had to put all me energy to recover, and that’s why I was away for so long, I am truly sorry.


Among the things that happened to me, I had to change some of the most important things of my life, and fight to recover physically and emotionally.


For 7 months I couldn’t walk, it started with something that was not so complex, but at the end I had surgery in both of my knees, I had to use wheel chair, crunches and a cane … I had months of physical therapy to recover my mobility and my life, here is how I was after the surgery:

I couldn’t move, not even for the basics like going to the bathroom … but thanks to Dr. Zarur my magic doctor, and Hugo my physical therapist, who stand by me all the way … I was able to walk a month after the surgery and little, by little recover my independence …


Parallel to all that, I move back to Mexico, my home country, but I stayed with my parents, just a while ago I could finally move to my apartment and start to be the person I used to be.


Among the losses, I lost one very important person of my life, he smash my heart in the floor, in the worst possible way, it has been very painful too … but with that, I open my eyes and realized that is time to start all over again and renew myself.


They say, that when you hit bottom, irremediably you come out and something very good is expecting for you, so … here I am, open minded, hopping for the best, and ready to a fresh start.


But, even though I felt that I had to tell you all these … enough of my tragedies!!! Let’s talk about better things.


As you can see, the renovation started here, with a full new image of Manequi, we have new logo, and new pages, as you can see, now Manequi has a blog, a section for Image Consultant Services (for you and for your company) and the best is yet to come, soon we will have a store full of fun and good things.


Additional to all this, I have a new partner. My friend Roberto González, will be from now on, my accomplice in this adventure. He is a great friend of mine, an expert publicist and a big fashion addict as I am. So, form now on, you will be reading him about mainly fashion for men. I think it is good to have a balance, we need it, some fashion advice for men are always welcome for our boyfriends, husbands, brother or parents … don’t you think?


Then, welcome to the whole new Manequi, full of surprises, energy and I promise to make up the time that I abandoned you with a lot, a lot of fashion.


Stay tuned …



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