At the office …

Sometimes it’s difficult to find your own style, and adapt it to the different circumstances and events in our life. But it’s even more difficult when your company has a dress code, not a uniform, and they tell you how what to wear at work, according to them.


Not so long ago, a friend had a seminar at her office where they learnt the correct dress code to go to the office, and here is what they’ve told her:


• You have to dress formal: only dark colors and the best is with a skirt.
• Low heels and pantyhose (¿???? What? Like my grandma!! Haha)
• French manicure
• Only gold or silver small accessories
• The hair length has to be no longer than the shoulder (what???)
• Discrete makeup
• Bag, belt and shoes have to combine


After this rules, all I can say is … BORING! and absurd, the company that gave that seminar (I know the company but I will not say it), thinks that an executive look has to be a dark blue nun! The worst is the rule about the low heels and the pantyhose … God!


Any way, the bad news is that for many people this boring look is the right executive look. Then, the question is … what is the right executive look? I had already talked about this in another post, but this time I will go in more detail to explain you why I don’t agree with my friends’ seminar rules.


First of all, you have to remember that you have to project your personality in every single thing that you do, do not ever leave aside your personal style. Of course you have to consider your place of work and your professional activity because it is not the same how a lawyer dress than a graphic designer.


I am going to talk about each one of the rules trying to explain why I don’t agree with what they told to my friend.


1. Low high heels and pantyhose – uf! The use of pantyhose has been a topic of debate, because if you use a dark skin color you will look like a grandma, but sometime you need to cover your pale skin so, the best is to use a transparent, not shiny very thin, skin tone pantyhose, like Kate Middleton does.

For me the best is to use color pantyhose because that way you’re using them like another accessory of your outfit, there are plenty of designs and colors and of course, it doesn’t have to be very flashy, specially not for the office, but it is possible to create a business look with them.


Regarding the use of high heels, here I will call to common sense. Of course it is not correct to take to the office your phosphorescent platforms, but it is completely right to use high heels because those will flatter your figure and help you to have an even more formal look. It is completely up to you to use flats or high heels, but it will never be bad.


2. French manicure – this is the safest manicure option because no matter what you wear it will match with your outfit. It’s discrete, but it is not the only option to have a business look. You can also have color on your nails, the point is to always have it well done, do not start eating your nail polish when you start loosing it. The only thing that you should avoid, is the new trend of having different colors in your nails, it is not really professional so leave that for the weekend.

3. Silver and gold accessories – this is kind of absurd, because definitely you can use other kind of accessories according to your style, and still look professional. Believe me, you could use small and elegant colorful accessories and still have a business look. Leave for the weekend those very big accessories, because those could be too much for the office.

4. Regarding the length of your hair – come on! This is terrible, why anybody can have an opinion about it? Everything is related to the kind of job that you have, having a shoulder length hair doesn’t mean you are more professional, you can have long hair and if it’s healthy and you take care of it, you will have a professional look. Remember, that if you have to dye your hair it is important to give a monthly maintenance to it because the roots are not nice for a professional look. Take care about that


5. Discrete make up – well this is the only suggestion that I agree with. You will not go to the office with a very heavy make up on your eyes or with a very dark lipstick, leave that for a hot date!.


Regarding clothing there are always options that could be fun, formal and according to your style, you don’t have to wear a skirt under your knee in a dark blue color to be professional. Choose fabrics, colors and textures that flatter your skin tone and create cute and fun outfits according to your profession, always projecting your style.


Remember, it doesn’t matter what are you doing or what kind of job have, you can always be yourself.


See you soon!


Shaping your eyebrows

I am sure that you had asked to yourself many times, why do I have so many hair where I don’t supposed to have it? Some times we feel like a little beautiful monkey or like the daughter of Pancho Villa.

So, based on that, today I will talk about the best ways to eliminate the unwanted hair from the face (I promise to talk some other time about the hair from other parts of the body). The trend about hair removal is something called threading.


Threading is an ancient technique from India, it has been the hair removal method in Asian countries for years, and then it started to be fashion in Europe, North America and now in Mexico.


This technique is completely natural, and it uses a 100% cotton or silk thread that pulls along unwanted hair in a twisting motion. It traps even the shorter hair form the follicle; it is less painful than other methods, and it last at least 6 weeks because it pulls out the hair completely. It is very similar to the waxing method because it pulls a full line of hair in one twist but it is way more sanitary than the wax because only the thread touches your skin and its thrown away after is used.

Currently threading is the more popular method for the eyebrows because is much more precise than the other methods, and it is gentle with your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin you should try it. It is also used to remove the facial hair (what is called peach skin) and for the hair upon your lips (the Pancho Villa mustache). It is only a method used for the face not any other part of the body.

Here in Mexico you could find many places that do threading, but the ones that are very popular are the little kiosks inside the malls they do it very fast and very well done.


Talking about eyebrows, don’t forget that they frame your face and your eyes, and are able to modify your expression which is why it’s very important to take good care of the shape and the size.

Few years ago the trend was to have a very thin eyebrow, but now the trend, that many designers have established, is full eyebrows, exactly the opposite than before.

The truth is that you can remove all the unwanted hair in your eyebrows by yourself, but you will always be in risk of do an uneven job, leaving one side thicker than the other, so my recommendation is that you better go with an expert because it is a fast procedure and usually not that expensive.

If you are not one of those people with full eyebrow and you always suffer trying to have them thicker, don’t worry, there’s always a way to solve your problem.

One easy way is to do a permanent eyebrow makeup, is like a tattoo. The method is to apply the pigment in your skin to make thicker your eyebrow (this method can also be used in lips and eyes). It’s very effective for people that don’t have a lot of eyelashes or eyebrows, the trick is to try before you do it permanent, how you are going to look, because once is done is done.
Usually this method last for 3 years before you need to retouch it, the bad thing is that it hurts … just like any other tattoo, the advantage is that you just forget about your eyebrows for some years.


Remember, trends are not for everyone, the most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin and with the look that you like and flatter you the most, so choose wisely what is better for your face and your style.


See you soon!



Do you like your hair?

Hair-straightening or curly hair?


That’s the question … we women are always suffering about our hair, because we are always against nature. If you have curls for sure you want to have straight hair, and if you have straight hair you will die to have at least one little curl to add volume to your hair. In the last years the tools to make your hair curly have been getting better and easier. On the other hand, to have a perfect straight hair, is still a hassle because we curly girls have to fight with the wind, the humidity and the party environment to maintain it straight, honestly it is impossible.


The new trend of hair-straightening is the ultra moisturizing treatment. Please forget about all that crazy treatments with formaldehyde, where the guy who is applying it to you, uses a mask, and takes you to your back yard. He is putting you in risk, and honestly he is in risk too. I have a friend who lost a big bunch of hair after doing that, imagine if that happen externally what will be happening inside your body after the inhalation all those toxic substances.


This new treatment is 100% organic, and it lasts only one and a half hour on your head, then in the hairdresser your hair is washed and you leave the place after they dry your hair straight. You don’t have to wait three days with your hair dirty and avoiding anything that could leave a mark on your hair, with the new treatment, you leave the hairdresser with your hair done, and you can immediately do a pony tail or what ever you want to do with your hair. The treatment lasts 3 to 4 months.


Here in Mexico the treatment is available in different hairdressers and it costs around 2 to 6 thousand Mexican pesos (160 to 480 USD), honestly it is almost the same as dyeing your hair. Interesting, right? The brand that is more known is: Nano Hydra.

There is another treatment based on keratin, that is also organic and non toxic, it supposed to last 3 or 4 months giving shine and smoothness to your hair, but I’ve already done that and my hair still as curly as always. Now they launched another product, the Organic Ceratin Systems, that is a hair-straightening product but it is permanent, not only for 3 or 4 months, it is forever. The question here is … are you willing to do that on your hair? Will it really works? I haven’t seen this product in Mexico but it is becoming quite popular in the UK and the States.

So … is your choice, permanent or for a while? Now you can decide with these 100% organic products that will not damage your hair, but they could hurt a little your pocket!


See you soon!



So Punk!! MET Gala 2013

Last Monday (May 6th), the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s celebrated the annual Costume Institute Gala in New York City. Every year they have a different theme and the invitees have to dress accordingly. This year’s theme was: “PUNK: Chaos to Couture”. There will be an exhibition form May 9 to August 14 that will show the influence of the punk movement in high fashion from 1970 to the date.


Actually, this event is a great excuse for celebrities to be able to continue with the red carpet season and show glamorous gowns according to the theme of the gala.


The dress that was more mentioned by the press was the one by Beyonce, that was not exactly punk but it was spectacular. It was a Kenzo dress.

Among the celebrities that were completely PUNK but very elegant and with lot of style my favorites are the following:


Anne Hathaway in Valentino, she looked great but I think the most shocking thing on her look was her new blond hair.

Minka Nelly in Carolina Herrera, she looks punk but very elegant in that purple dress. As you can see the transparencies and the lace still a trend.

Blake Lively in Gucci Premiere, the feathers not only make the gown look quite punk but also it looks very distinguish due to the design of the top.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a dress by Giles Deacon with a headpiece by Phillip Treacy. The best of her dress were the accessories, that headpiece was amazingly beautiful, and under her dress she had punk underwear and long boots from Christian Louboutin. Many people consider that she was the best dressed of the night, even better than Beyonce. What do you think?

Maddona in Givenchy, she was totally on theme, with those pink shoes her look was even better. Actually we can say that she just dress the way she used to do when she started signing.

Miles Cyrus in Marc Jacobs, she is using a fishnet dress and although her hair is a little bit too much she looks great.
Nicole Richie in Top Shop looks great especially with that white hair. Her make up was not completely PUNK but she really looked great, which is weird because usually her red carpet choices are not always perfect.
Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors, her hair was very PUNK, her dress was not really that elegant, but it was fun and it was perfect for her great body.

Since the cut-out dress are a trend now, some of the celebrities used dresses that showed their perfect abs:


Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung, Carey Mulligan in Balenciag and Gwen Stefani in Maison Martin Margiela. As you can see to be able to wear this cut-out trend, it is compulsory to have complete flat abs.

Jennifer Lawrence her look is not exactly PUNK but she look fabulous with this look and her read lips help to give a little punk look.

Here’s a perfect example of how NOT to dress if you are pregnant, Kim Kardashian looks terrible, it’s not PUNK is more like a floral balloon! And a dress with gloves included? What was she thinking? I am speechless! The designer is Ricardo Tisci.

Katy Perry in Dolce & Gabbana, she looks PUNK but honestly with her amazing body, that dress was a waste … Nicki Minaj in Tommy Hilfiger, she definitely looks PUNK … but isn’t the point was to look punk and great? She looks like a pregnant woman!

Jessica Biel in Giambattista Valli, it is PUNK style her dress but it looks more like a custom for a party than a red carpet dress.

Ginnifer Goodwin usually has a very sweet look, but now with those completely PUNK eyes, she looks like a bad girl but still beautiful, her dress is from Tory Burch.

Some of the celebrities just decided to go like they wanted to the event, they didn’t care at all about the theme, still … they looked wonderful:


Gwyneth Paltrow in Valentino Couture and Heidi Klum in Marchesa. Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney, she had a kind of PUNK dress, especially because of the belt, but she looks older, don’t you think? It’s not completely flattering for her.

And finally the worst of the night, and again, the winners are the Olsen twins. They always do what they want, and usually they just go with that horrible hair that is more like a bohemian look, they look exactly the same every time, and not good at all. Mary- Kate Olsen in Vintage Chanel and Ashley Olsen in Vintage Dior.


See you soon!



Business trip

How many times have you travel with out planning? How many business trips do you have per year?


Sometimes, thinking that is better to travel “light” we take fewer things than what we need, which is not always the best option. It’s always important to analyze the kind of trip that you will have and take what you need to be well dressed every time, you should even take an extra outfit to be prepared for any unexpected activity … because believe me, there is always something unexpected.


For example, last week I travel with one of the guys of my team, his client that lives abroad, ask for a meeting and we had to travel. Since everything was very fast planned, we bought tickets with a lot of cancellation restrictions because we supposed to save some money with it. In fact, as I mentioned before, unexpected things happened and we had to move our return, so at the end we had to pay a lot of money for those changes.


That kind of things always happen, even if you plan a very short trip, it’s important to make a little planning, about what are you going to do and what are you going to wear. Here some thing that you have to consider:


1. Type of trip: you should consider the kind of trip (business or pleasure) and how the locals dress. Always carry and extra outfit just in case you have to stay longer or have an extra activity.

2. Destination: make a little research about the customs of the city you will visit so you know how to behave.

3. Weather: this is very important, because this will tell you what to pack, choosing the right patterns and fabrics. Always consider the season and the colors that you should use.


It is very important to choose comfortable clothes to travel but never pants of sport wear. You never know who is going to sit next to you at the plane, and you have to be “prepared”. Imagine that maybe that person next to you is a potential client? Or … what if she is the love of your life? They will have to see a person with whom they can have a conversation, so remember, comfortable but always with style.

Always take with you a more elegant and formal outfit, because you never know if you will have to attend an unexpected event, and it’s always better to be prepared.

Don’t forget your accessories, watch, perfume, eyeglasses, etc. All of them are part of your outfit and they will contribute to create a great impression.


Finally, if you like to reflect your personality in every single thing that you carry on your trip, you have to consider buying a nice piece of luggage. Your suitcases should be from a good label, so they will have a longer life after how they treat them at the airport. It is important to consider buying all from the same brand and color, it looks more elegant and it will also be easier to find them.

Hope this tips had been useful for you and I wish your next trip would be great, fun and successful.


What image do you want to project?



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