Oscar night

As every year, the Oscar night is the event where celebrities and designers join forces to create great looks. In fact, the awards ceremony is usually fun but the fashion looks can be observed at the beginning of the show at the red carpet that is usually as expected as the show itself.

From my point of view the best dresses were the following:

Natalie Portman, Oscar winner for best actress, she looked amazing, although she is 8 months pregnant. This is a great example of how even if you are pregnant you can look amazing! The purple color and the Swarovski crystals on the top create a very feminine dress. The designer is Rodarte and please check out the earrings from Tiffany, this model is something that you will see very often, so much that even the TNT presenter has a very similar pair.

Michelle Williams, nominated for best actress, had a dress by Channel, a very elegant and feminine design, and she looked amazing especially with that haircut, it looks better on her this length that the other that was longer.

Gwyneth Paltrow, was a performer, have you heard her signing? She has a nice voice! She had one of the best dresses of the night, the designer was Calvin Klein, it was a metallic dress that makes her look amazing and with that cleavage the dress looks very sexy. Look the belt with the brooch Louis Vuitton. Some people say, from what I’ve read today that her dress was horrible, I just loved it, I leave the final opinion to you …

Halle Berry, as she usually do, create a very special look for the night, perfect match with the color of her skin. The designer is Marchesa and the dress is all crystal-encrusted.

Jennifer Houdson, keeps surprising me since she lost so much weight! Look at her, in this amazing orange dress Atelier Versace. You have to agree with me that she look so much better like this than before no?

Mila Kunis, I am sure you remember her because the TV show named “That 70’s show”; she used an Elie Saab Haute Couture (dress made specially to her), in lavender. It was a very feminine look due to the details of laces. Little too feminine for me, but very sexy!

Cate Blanchett, she has a very different and original dress by Givency Haute Couture, the style is very similar to the style of and Argentinean designer named Trosman who use very similar material. I loved Cates’ dress, specially the back, because is just sexy and different, and well, she always look very sophisticated.

Nicole Kidman, I honestly hate this dress. I mention it here, because I was surprised about her election, the color, the design, nothing was good for her. The strange thing is that she usually dresses very elegant. Something that was not that bad in her look was her hair and the necklace.

Scarlett Johansson, was amazing in that dress, the color was great, her hairstyle, everything. I specially loved the back of the dress; as you can see it is very feminine, very Scarlett, don’t you think? The designer was Dolce Gabbana.

And last but not least, I leave you with the best dress that Anne Hathaway used during the night, the designer was Tom Ford and I think it is amazing the mix of the laces and the crystals, just great!

As you can see, it was a night full of fashion and of course movies, I hope your favorites won … although I think the award ceremony was quite predictable, don’t your think? Almost all the winners already won at he Golden Globe, so the real intrigue was gone, … don’t you think? Which dress do you like the most?

See you soon!


Buenos Aires Fashion Week

This week Buenos Aires will be full of color and fashion  because start the Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAF) where the best Argentinean designers present their autumn – Winter 2011 collection.

As every year, the event will take place at “La Rural” a huge convention center where catwalks and stands of designers and vendors show their products.

Among the participant designers we can find Hermanos Estebecorena, Ricky Sarkany, Martín Churba, Maria Pryor, Jessica Trosman, María Vazquez, Vicki Otero and the very popular brand Rapsodia.

Part of the attraction and glamour of assisting to the event, apart of course of the catwalks, is to see the celebrities around you, visit the stands of different products and … what can I say, it is fun to receive all the things that designers give you for free to promote their brands.  Yes … this sound quite greedy but it is fun! One day I even have free shoes! … Funny don’t you think?

Another interesting phenomenon, that in a way paints the environment of the event in a very “fashionable” way, is that people go to see fashion, but they also bring fashion to the event. It is very interesting to see how many of the people dress a little more extravagant that they usually do, creating a great and very cool environment.

Any way, don’t miss it; if you are here in Buenos Aires, you have time until Friday! And if you are not around, you can follow the event live here.

See you soon!


Valentine’s day!

Today is February 14th, the most romantic and perfect day to give the best to your significant other, to your love one … WHAT???? No please!!! It just can’t be me who is saying this! I could be the president of the “anti-valentine’s day” club if it exists!!!

I hope I don’t offend anyone who enjoy this day and celebrate in a very romantic way, but I believe this is a very corny day. Let me tell you why I feel this way.

I think I started to be “anti” Valentine’s Day when I lived in New York; the thing is that in the States this is a VERY important date and everybody celebrates with flowers, flowers and more flowers.  Around 2002 (yep, I was on September 11 but that’s another story …) I  was working there and since my job was outside NY city, in Rye, I had to commute every day taking a train at Grand Central, every day at 8:07 (always on time). So, on February 14th, I left my place as usual, and I arrived to a very “pinky” Grand Central, but still, it was nothing strange just the typical promotions in the stores.  The shock was when I came back around 7pm, because suddenly when the train stops I step out in the middle of flowers, chocolates and happy people waiting for their love ones!!  It was incredible the size and the amount of flowers that everybody was holding … so I try to move out between the flowers and I went home … alone …  because I was one of the few ones that nobody was waiting at the station!

So, you might think that I hate Valentine’s day because nobody was waiting for me that day :) ,  maybe you are right and that is part of the reason but  I still believe it’s “too sweet” for me. Currently I have a boyfriend and I am in love but I still don’t celebrate it!

As my grandma used to say: “You should celebrate love everyday not only on Valentine’s day!” The thing is, this date is to celebrate love and friendship and nobody remember about the friendship, only about love! sweet, pinky and sticky love!!!.

Any way, if you celebrate, enjoy this day!! … And if you are just like me, here I have something to keep your mind busy. Today I present to you a Spanish brand called Flamenco; the designs are all embroidered, very colorful and fun. As you can see every piece has a lot of work and it is quite original.

Now that I think about it, these brand could be a little romantic, don’t you think? … perfect for the date!!!

Have a great week!

See you soon!


As time goes by …

First of all I want to apologize with you because I disappeared for the last two weeks. The thing is that my life has been crazy and I got sick, nothing serious but it was not nice …  anyway … here I am again! … And suddenly I realized that January is gone … incredible no? Time goes by so fast!!! … So, in order to be ad hoc to that, today the topic will be watches.

I have to say that I love this accessory; I believe it can be use in a fun way and especially because you can match them with your clothes. I know that there are plenty of fancy and expensive watches and you might be one of those who love them, but in my case I have a crazy weakness for the extra-large and colorful ones. An extra large watch could also be very sexy for women and men.

One of my favorites brands is Swatch, the designs are very cool, and the price is usually affordable. Here are two of the latest models that are fun.

The firs one is “The Lady Collection”, as you can see it is quite original because the strap is double long and it goes twice on your wrist.

The second one is the “New Gent”, this is a bigger watch and it is also unisex. As you can see the colors are more bright since there is more contrast with the background and the hands.

Another of my favorites brands is Fossil, because they also have a lot of extra-large watches, as you can see, their models usually have leather strap and it could be more formal than Swatch but still fun.

Louvett Watches is a brand that I recently found and I love it, the design is also extra-large but the extensible is different because it is fabric, with colorful and different designs. You can buy these watches in internet.

As you see, there are plenty of options when we talk about watches. Of course there is a lot of people who prefer to use only one watch and don’t change it every day, it is up to you, but remember that getting dress is a process that you have to enjoy so, mix colors, try new things and have fun!!

See you soon!!


Let’s talk about bikinis

Hello again! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you’re starting this 2011 with a big smile on your face and ready to make of it a great year. Since in the south hemisphere people are in the middle of the summer, here are some advices about bikinis … who didn’t struggle choosing the right one? So here is an interview with Ivette Ramirez partner of a very cool bikini brand Nina swimwear.  Hope you enjoy it.

First a little about Ivette …

Ivette born in Puerto Rico, but she moved to New York since 1997. She studied Industrial Engineering in her country and then in NY she to joined the corporative world in companies as J&J, Kraft and Pfizer.In 2008 she became partner at Nina Swimwear with Agustina Palacios who is the owner and designer of the brand. Ivette join the company because she has always been fan of the swimming suits, which by the way she collects. Since she became partner at Nina Swimwear the company started to have international sales and headquarters moved to NY. Nevertheless, they have always maintained Argentina and Punta del Este as the main markets.

Now lets talk about bikinis …

1. What do we have to consider when we choose a bikini?
First, you have to know your body to know which part do you want to make more obvious or less notorious. People think that the more fabric the best for your body shape, but that is not true, all depends on the cut of the bikini. For example if the short is “V” cut is better for your butt. In Nina swimwear all of our designs are seamless so it doesn’t cut your body in any part.


2. About the top, which one is the best for those who has big breast and why?
If you have big breast you need a top with support, the halter is the best. The triangle cut is not flattering because if you have natural breast, it doesn’t give you the support that you need. Remember, everything has to be always on its place! The top strapless is good but it has to be with support on the sides.


3. And what is the best for those who have no breast?
The best are the pleated tops, it gives a volume effect. We have one model of those in our collection.


4. About the short, what can we do to create the effect of a bigger butt? And what can we do to make it look smaller?
Plain colors, specially the dark ones, are the best to give a “thinner” effect. You will look slimmer with a plain color bikini. The key is the cut of the short. The American cut (complete) makes your butt bigger, the best is the “V” cut because it helps to lift your butt. A thick lateral band on the short helps to reduce your hips, the little stripe of the triangle bikini is not that flattering because it mark your curves, the only advantage is that it is adjustable.


5. What about the fabric, is that important in how a bikini will look on us?
It is important, the lycra is good because it gets dry fast, cotton is uncomfortable because it takes more time to get dry and it doesn’t flatter your bodyline. The best is the micro fiber, a special kind of lycra that is made in Europe. We bring the micro fiber from Italy because is the best quality and it is very soft.

6. Which bikini cut is the most popular?
The triangle cut is the most popular because you can adjust it to your body, it is good to get a perfect tan but it doesn’t give much support, is not for everybody. Also for a good tan you can use strapless but always with support on the top.

7. What do you think about the complete swimming suits?
Swimming suits are the best for beach or pull parties; if you use it with a beach wrap (pareo) you have the perfect look. Also it is good if you want to cover some tummy or fat in your body. Nevertheless, the swimming suits are not only for the fat ones, it could be very sexy and elegant. Be careful of print swimming suits especially with horizontal lines, it is not flattering, it will make you look bigger.


8. Tell us about the Nina Swimwear bikinis why are your bikinis different?
I think the main characteristics of our products are the design, the fabric and the quality of the product. We design sexy bikinis; with out being vulgar, all of them are south American (Argentinean) style, “V” cut and very cool. The fabric comes from Italy; and in our products we mix lycra and leather. The manufacture is done in Argentina taking care of every single detail. It is a high quality product, sexy and elegant. I believe the big challenge for us is the American and the Australian market where people like a more conservative bikini; we want to cover those markets but maintaining our style.

9. Where can we buy the Nina Swimwear products?
In Buenos Aires we have a showroom, and also some sales persons in some hotels as the Faena, and in some stores as Charlotte Solnicki in Punta del Este. In the States you can find our products in the Couturecandy website and internationally we have products in some stores in Marbella, Hawaii, Maui and Ibiza.

10. What do you recommend us to look great in a bikini?
Don’t eat “dulce de leche” (typical Argentinean delight … and she laughs … ) I believe the more important things is to feel comfortable, you have to wear what looks better in your body but specially what makes you feel pretty, sexy and confident. It is not necessary to follow the trends; you have to wear what makes you feel sexy because then the others will see you sexy.

And before we finish …

How do you define the style in a woman? Which things define it?
It is easy, either you have style or you don’t, just like that, it is something that you cannot buy. You have to know yourself and learn what is the best fit for you, you have to be different, unique … I really believe the best is to ignore trends it is like a uniform, the more important is to use what look best on you according to your body, your face and your skin color. Don’t be afraid of combine things, fell free, have fun! Remember that your clothes are the reflection of yourself and your personality.

Can you give an advice to all the entrepreneurs that are just starting?
You have to be very confident in what you are doing, in your product. Take intelligent risks, you have to be aggressive but not crazy. You have to know your business before starting anything. And be very patient because is not easy to start a business …

So … what are you waiting, go and choose the best bikini for you! Remember the best one is the one that makes you feel sexy!! (I love that advice).

See you soon!!!


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