Don’t be affraid of stripes!

Today we are going to talk about how to wear stripes and look great. Currently, stripes are in fashion and we can find them in different wide and directions. It is important to know why some strips are more flattering in your body than others, so that is going to be today’s topic.

The first thing that you have to understand is that when we talk about the effect of stripes in your body, we are talking about the optic effect that those stripes do to your body. I am sure you have always heard that horizontal stripes put on you weight and vertical stripes make you thinner.

But guess what? This is not always truth! In the “Mail Online” of England, you can see a research about how stripes could change the look of different women (all with normal bodies). So, as you can see in the link, the result was that not always horizontal stripes make you look bigger. In all the cases horizontal stripes were more flattering to women. But, there is always a “but”, I don’t believe that is only because they are horizontal, it is also because the shape of the dress is more flattering than the one with vertical stripes dress.

So … is there any rule than we can always applied related to the use of stripes?

Well, the answer is no, because actually all depends in your body shape and how and where you are putting stripes on your clothes.

Here are some tips to help you to learn how to use stripes, although the best will be to try the things and look yourself in the mirror, remember stripes are all about perception.

• The best way to use stripes is matching them with solid colors so your outfit will be balance and you will not look like “Beetle Juice” girlfriend.

• You can match stripes with patterns. Don’t be afraid! Maybe you feel that they don’t match but trust me they do, especially with flowers, great combination!

• Try to use stripes not only in tops but also in skirts (horizontal stripes not to wide) and pants with vertical lines. Both things will help you to look thinner!

• The new basic is the stripes t-shirt you can use it with everything jeans, skirts, with a jacket, etc.

Remember, as I always tell you, the most important part of all this is that you have fun. Don’t be afraid to use the clothes that you want! Try the stripes and you will not regret. You will love them!

See you soon!


If we talk about beauty …

During my last visit to Mexico, I met a very interesting woman and I decided to interview her for you.

Her name is Maribel Grau, she is Venezuelan, a model since she was 19 years old and a lawyer. After being a model for a while, she decided to dedicate her career to be an Image Consultant. But not any Image Consultant, Maribel become the consultant of many international beauty contests assesing Misses of different countries  and some of them where elected Miss Universe.

During her life Maribel has lived in different countries where she did many seminars as Protocol and Etiquette, Personal shopper, oenology, Wardrobe and Cosmetology (Loreal – France and Revlon – New York).

Currently she lives in Mexico for personal reasons (family), so far she has participated in 24 runways and she created her own Consulting Image Company “Maribel Grau Image consulting and runway school”. She opened her company with her friend and partner Patricia Alvarado who is an expert in the fashion environment and Erika Delgado who is her assistant.

As you can see, Maribel has a very interesting life and that’s why I couldn’t resist to interview her and ask her to share with us a little of her more than 22 years of experience.

1. How did you start as an Image Consultant?
MG: It was with out looking for it. One of my friends asked me to help her for her wedding and from that event, some other persons hired me and then I started to work. Some of the people that hired me were President candidates for Venezuela.

2. How did you start to work as an image consultant in beauty contests?
MG: I knew some people from the organization group and they asked me to suggest some participants. I send some girls to the casting and almost 90% of them where elected for the contest. After that they hired me as a consultant.

3.Which was the most difficult decision that you had to make in your career?

MG: Since my job required a lot of traveling I had to leave my family very often and that was very difficult. We tried to organize our lives and at the end we got used to it, but it was tough.

4. In your opinion, which are the most common mistakes that we do when choosing our clothes?
MG: I think the worst mistake is to not know your own body. It is important to know what can we wear according to our body. There are many women who don’t dress according to their age. Also if you don’t wear the right clothes, you can look shorter or fatter than what you really are. It’s also important to choose what you’re going to wear with out rush, thinking in your combinations so you choose the right outfit.

5. What is the most important thing that we have to consider to get the perfect look?
MG: The first thing is to know your self, forget about fashion, it’s not for everyone. The clothes that we choose are very important to build our style and personality. It is not necessary to wear expensive clothes, if you choose the proper clothes for your body and personality you are going to look great and you will feel fine. It is important that you take your time choosing your outfit every day, if you do it in a hurry you will have to pay the price of it.

6. Is the weight important to look good?
MG: OF COURSE!!! Please!! I don’t want to offend anyone, but it is always better to have a slim figure. Nevertheless, there are a lot of tricks to help us to look thinner. It is not complicated.

Tricks … Like what?
MG: For example you look thinner if you use vertical stripes. Or if you have a big breast, it is better to use a “V” neck it will decrease the volume in that area, and don’t use big accessories in that area. Also we have to be very careful with accessories, if you are over your weight, avoid wide belts or low-rise pants (if you are size 6 to 9). You can also use contrasting colors (not all in the same tone), avoid flowers, cubes ad big figures all of that will add volume to your body.

7. What do you think about plastic surgery, botox and all those treatments?
MG: MARVELOUS!! But really marvelous, great, big hurry for surgery!!! It is always important to choose a good surgeon. Currently, many countries are using plastic surgery for their Misses. It is very common practice.

Don’t you think that makes quite fake the contest if all the Misses had esthetic surgery?
MG: Not really because we are not changing them completely just little retouch, always a little help is good. All the countries use plastic surgery; only Asia and Africa are out of it. I have never did anything on myself, I am too afraid but I may do something some day … he he …

(oh no! And I thought all the Misses where natural beauties!!)

8. It is important to be a fashion victim to look good?
MG: Not really. Fashion is not for everyone. There is a phrase: “de la moda lo que te acomoda” (use from fashion what makes you feel comfortable, it is better in Spanish!). I’ve seen many women that just don’t follow fashion and they look great. I think is more a matter of personality “a self confident woman will always be in fashion!” (I love this phrase!) If a woman knows herself enough to know what is good for her body, she will always look good. There is no need to copy from others. For example I know I cannot use a tinny bikini, and I will never use it.

9. In your experience, why is that a women don’t look good?
MG: Usually is because they don’t know their selves and they don’t know what to use. They may use colors that don’t match their face, or exaggerated make up during the day, or maybe they are just trying to follow fashion but they don’t really look their selves in a mirror. There is no excuse to not look good always, is usually a lack of time.

10. We know that now you are living in Mexico City, what are your futures plans?
MG: Right know I am working in my own company of Image Consulting. I am also helping some Image Consultant agencies as a teacher, which had gave me a perfect idea of how is the Mexican woman. I have to tell you, Mexican woman are very beautiful! They just don’t have a lot of time to take care of their selves. They know everything about fashion, make up, runways, everything! Their only problem is that 90% of them don’t know how to walk in high heals, but I will try to help them on that, he he …

And before we finished …

How do you define the style in a woman? Which things define it?
MG: Personality defines a style in a woman. If you are shy your clothes will say that, if your personality is out there you will wear anything you want. Personality is based on your self-steam. For example, if a person arrives alone to an event but she feels that she looks great! Her attitude will show that. She will talk with every body because she knows that she looks great. For example in my case, my hair is part of my style and also my body language.

Can you give an advice to all the entrepreneurs that are just starting?
MG: uffff!!! There are a lot of competitors!!! Actually, the other women, your own clients are the worst competitors. The thing is that now a day they are able to look in Internet anything that they need and then, they will come to us if they don’t find what they are looking for. So, is our obligation to be the best. It is also important to look good so you are coherent with what you offer (Image Consultant), and your clients will trust you.

So, what do you think? It was interesting to learn a little more about beauty contests no? The only disappointing thing for me was to learn about the fact that almost all the Misses have plastic surgery. But I loved to interviewed Maribel and learn a little of all her experiences. If you like to have a consultancy with her, please let me know and I will contact you with her.

See you soon!


The wider the better!

Today we are going to talk about pants. For all of you who were waiting for another kind of pants apart of the skinny ones, well, finally another style is on! The only problem is that it is exactly the opposite, now is time to use wide-leg pants.

Just as if we were on “That 70’s show”, the wide-leg pants are on fashion in all kind of fabrics and colors. It is not only to create a hippie style, you can be as chic as you want because this kind of pants can be found in any style, which make it very original and fun.

Now, I am sure you are wondering … are this kind of pants good for my body? Well, I have good news for you, this pants are for almost any body shape, they are better than the skinny pants since even if you have wide hips, you can wear them! Great no? The only restriction will be if you are not tall because it will make you look shorter. (well, nothing is perfect!)

Here are some tips to learn how to wear the wide-leg pants:

• Although you can wear them with flats, hills or platforms will be better since this kind of pants are usually longer than the normal pants and shoes can be covered.

• Since the volume is on the bottom of your body, you should use fitted tops. The length should be at your waistline or your hip (the bone hip).

• If you decide to wear a wider top, try to use a belt to show your waist or your hips, if not your body will look completely square.

• As you can see, this kind of pants can be use in any situation, from a casual look (with jeans) to the formal or business look; all depends on how you combine them and the accessories that you use.

So, don’t wait any longer, run to your closet and give a chance to those wide-leg pants that I am sure you have there waiting for the right time to be used again!

If you have any doubt or comment please leave it here or in my facebook page and I will be happy to answer.

And as usual, if you like it please share it!

See you soon!


Jackets and your body type

Hi again! I had a small absence caused by some technical problems with the blog, maybe you realized that, the thing is that sometimes I feel that technology exceeds me! But any way, I am back!!

Meanwhile I was struggling with my computer, we change season so for you on the north spring arrives and for us on the south autumn is here!! Thank God, honestly I prefer cold weather, although this summer was not as hot as last year, but is good to start using sweaters and coats.

Since, both climates are quite fresh, today I am going to talk about jackets or blazer, what ever you want to call them. I am going to tell you which jacket fits better with your body type, because, believe it or not all depend on the length, the shape but especially the number of buttons.

In general there are only three body types, and to make it easy I am going to explain it like this: people with full lower hips and bottom, people with shoulders wider than your hips, and people who has a balance between their hips and shoulders.
Do you recognize your group? Even if you put on weight or get thinner your body shape will prevail. But you know what is the good thing? That we can always find clothes that fit our body, it doesn’t matter the shape. So let’s talk about jackets.

For the body that is wider at the bottom (triangle):

• The length has to be at the hip, or not longer than half of your bottom, never longer. If you believe that something long will make you thinner, sorry to tell you, but it makes exactly the opposite effect! Unless you are using an “A” cut long jacket.
• Three buttons is ideal with short and wide lapel. Avoid using one buttons jackets.
• Since the point is to increase volume in the upper part, use pockets, flowers, shoulder pads, everything helps.

For the body that is wider at the top (inverted triangle):

• Avoid slim jackets.
• The ideal is 2 buttons, if you use 1 button it has to be just under the waist. Short and narrow lapel.
• Avoid wide and short jackets and sweaters, also everything Mao.
• Use belts under your bust; avoid anything on your waist.
• Since the objective is to make thinner your upper part, avoid shoulder pads, pockets, etc.

For those who has a well-proportioned body (sandglass):

• The coat must reinforce your bodyline.
• You can use 1, 2 or 3 buttons.
• The length has to be no longer than the hip.
• Belt has to be at your waist.
• Avoid square and oversized jackets; both will hide your silhouette.

So, this is all you have to know now, enjoy the change of season and use the perfect jacket for your body, I am sure you will notice the difference.

As always, if you have any doubt or comment please let me know.

See you soon!!


Change your look, get what you want!

We live in a world where the physical appearance is more important every day, in order to be “beautiful”, women have to be skinny, tan and look always young.

Honestly, I disagree with that, maybe I am against the flow but I am convinced that beauty is more than that. We don’t have try to be “perfect” and end up looking all alike. That is not pretty at all!

For me, one of the greatest miracles in life is that diversity exists! Thank God! We are different from each other, imagine how boring will be if we were all the same! … Especially if all of us conceived beauty in the same way … we will all fight for the same! As Sheldon will say … “The Horror!”

Individuality is our best gift, we all are different and we all have a special beauty that makes us unique. Everybody is different, even twins are different form each other, so … why everybody is trying to copy the beauty parameters of the others? It is much better to develop our attractiveness learning how to look beautiful in every situation.

Here in Manequi, I offer you the chance to find your own style based on your personality, your physical appearance and your life style. All those things will have an influence in the way you look, I can show you how to look gorgeous at anytime even if you are at work, if you go shopping or if you are taking care of your family.

“People treat you the way they see you”, sad … but true, people judge you by appearances, and sometimes, that could stress us and make us fall in the game of “being as everybody else”.
Relax there is no need to do that, you can be yourself, and be accepted because society also celebrate originality and authenticity. The only thing that you have to do, is to find the best way to be yourself and that could be done if you know which are the best clothes for your body, which colors are better for your face or even what haircut will make you look more beautiful.

So, today I am launching the Online Image Consulting service where I will give you a complete analysis of your style, the best clothes for your body and every single aspect that you need to know in order to be the best version of yourself.

If you buy the Online Image Consulting service, you will have a document that will be useful for all your life since remember, our body structure doesn’t change even if you put on, or if we loose weight. It will be a great investment and a chance to have that image that you want to project.

Here I show you some pictures of one of my clients. As you can see, she really changed just by using the proper clothes and the right haircut. As you can see, she even look thinner, well she is thinner but her other clothes made her look bigger.

Observe that her transformation was internal and external, her attitude is different she looks more happy and self-confidence.

Outfit to go to the movies (before and after the image consultancy)

Outfit to go out with friends at night

Outfit to stay at home

You see? There is nothing to loose, you just have to decide to make the change!!!

See you soon!


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