Why are people getting divorce?

Last week I didn’t show up, but now I am back and I will talk about something that it’s not completely  related to fashion but it is really related to our current reality, you know I always like to go deeper once in a while!.

The other day I went for dinner with a friend that I haven’t seen for a long time, and among other things he told me that he is getting a divorce. Honestly I was not surprised because I have been receiving this kind of news from many of my friends since a while ago. And, it is even more common if they have been married for many years.

Based in all my friends’ reactions and seeing the decisions they made about their lives, I developed a “theory” that explains (at least for me) why people of my generation are getting a divorce so often.

For me there are three groups of people of 33 to 45 years. This generation (mine) has been suffering a lot of changes regarding technology, social rules and basically moral rules; nothing is the way it used to be.

In the last two decades, we have moved from a very strict morality, as our parents had, to a very open morality where everything is accepted. There is no need to be a virgin or to go to church every Sunday to be “able to get married” or be consider as “an honest and serious lady”.
Now days, if you decide to be gay, you just can be and say it loud, just as Ricky Martin did, nobody is going to sensor you as they did before (Thank God!).
Also, it is just great to wait to get married and do it after your 30’s; same to have children, there is no hurry! You can wait until you, as an individual, are completely developed. That’s why “40’s are the new 30’s”.

Regarding marriage it has been also a big revolution, now is perfect if you decide to live with your boyfriend with out getting married and also to have a baby. There are no more “mistakes” and nobody hide the poor girls that got pregnant before getting married. Also, there is no harm in having fun and go out to meet people because … EVERYBODY is doing the same.

And what about technology? When I was young in my house we used to have a white and black TV together with the color TV, a VCR, a VHS, a walkman, a record player and a super modern computer Apple IIe. From those old things, we suddenly started to have CD’s, IPODs, Laptops, Facebook, Twitter, Internet, mobile phones, etc, etc…

Huge revolution, don’t you think? (I can’t imagine how my dad, who is 87, had to adapt his head from what he had seen during his life!)

But, let’s back to the point:

Why are people getting divorce so often in my generation? (I am 39, by the way).

I divide my generation in three groups:

The first group is the one who is happy living with the old rules, what is called “by the book”, this group follows all the social rules and they are planning to keep doing that. They are up to date regarding technology and everything around their lives, but they just don’t understand why gays exists or why people go to live together with out getting married. Everything that is conservative is perfect to them. But guess what? They are very HAPPY! They don’t have a fake morality, they are 100% honest with their selves and the way they live, actually I cannot imagine them living in any other way.
By now, in their majority they already have children, since they got married very young (25 years the latest). And all of them are still married, there is out of their plans to get divorce … marriage is just one! And it last forever!!!
Regarding their professional development, man usually had developed all their potential and woman usually, not always, had been at home taking care of their family. Women depend on men earnings but they are economically stable, they have a good or great life.

The second group is just the opposite (here is my group). There is no “by the book” in their lives, actually what book? They grew up with all their parents’ rules but in certain age they decided to experiment and write their own rules. People in this group may still single, no children and guess what? They are very HAPPY! (As happy as the other group). They are also completely honest with themselves and they are not worried about becoming a “spinster” or eternal “bachelor” because there is no longer that term, they didn’t get married because they didn’t want to, they are single because they choose to be single. This group is gay friendly and they have no issues with others morality. This group may want to get married or live with someone, but that will happen just after they had accomplished their personal and professional development. They usually lived alone when they are single, so they will want to share their lives with some one, but they will not like to be dependant.

Now, the third group is the one who has the conflict and this is the group where almost all my friends with divorce, separation or existential issues are … let me put it this way:

The third group thought when they were 25 that they belong to the first group, and then, when they turned 35 they realized that they are actually part of the second group. Gulp!!!!
The problem of this group is that by the time that they realized that they want something else, they already have a wife, or a husband, children, dogs, houses, mortgages, cars and a marriage mess that it is not that easy to split.
Imagine waking up one day and realize that you want to be “free”, and not only physically free but also mentally free, no commitments, no attachments … wow! Difficult no?
Some of this guys have never lived alone and they want to try that, they want to see what is to have your own place, maybe your own business and be able to do with your money what ever you want with out have to be responsible of someone else. They just want to know what is to fly alone and not have to worry about anyone but their selves.

Well, what a conflict no? The obvious solution for this group will be to get a divorce, but not all of them can do that because, as some of them say… It is too expensive!! So big dilemma, no?

So … what do you think about my theories? Make sense? In which group are you now?

Any way, it really doesn’t matter in which group are you if you are happy, thank God we are all different and that is the beauty of diversity, don’t you think? If we are happy, let the world goes crazy!!

Next week I promise to write more fashion and less philosophy!!!

See you soon!


Our best friend

Handbags are one of my biggest weaknesses when I go shopping. It is the perfect accessory to make a statement about your personality.

For example, is not the same to use a bag that match perfectly with your outfit, than using a very colorful and crazy design. Both are perfect but all depends in who are using them, because I am sure the first bag is for a more conservative person than the second one.

Argentina is the paradise of handbags! You can find original designs and high quality in almost every store and guess what? Almost all the stores are from Argentineans, a lot of local creativity!!

When you choose a handbag, it is not only important the design, of course you have to like it, but you have to be aware if it will fit your body type. For example, if your hips are wider than the rest of your body, avoid the bandolier because it will bring all the attention to your hips and you don’t want that. The length that is best for this kind of body is the bag that goes just under your arm.

On the contrary, if you have very narrow hips, bandolier is for you because then you will add volume and attention to that part of your body and your figure will be more balanced.

Size is also important, because an extra-large bag will not help you if you are not too tall.

One important tip that you have to consider when you match your bag with your outfit is that is not necessary to have a perfect match of shoes, belt and bag. You can perfectly match two of them and be creative with the third one. I recommend you to be creative with the bag because it is more notorious and fun.

Now you know some of the basics that you have to consider before choosing a handbag, remember that the best judge will always be the mirror so try it before buying and see how you feel with it.

Use your handbag to show your personal style and try to change it everyday depending on what you’re wearing, the advantage of this, apart of having more fun, is that you will not be carrying useless things because you will be very aware of what you have inside your bag.

See you soon!


Notes: Here are the web pages of all the stores that I mentioned: Prune, Humawaca, Jackie Smith and Escudo Prana. Take a deep look in Escudo Prana because the details of each bag are amazing.

Fame, fashion and social work

As promised, here is some information about the designer that we saw a lot in many red carpets of the last events. I am talking about Stella McCartney.

Stella born in England in 1971, she is daughter of Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman. She graduated from the school of fashion and design “Central Saint Martins” in 1995. Since the very beginning her designs were unique due to their style, femininity and quality. Actually, she started having a lot of fame just after graduating since her final collection at school, was a runway modeled by Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, among other models. It had a lot of press and people started to talk about Stella.

In 1997, she started to work with the creative director at Chloe in Paris, and in 2001 she launched her own brand together with Gucci group.

Her designs include ready to wear clothes (clothes that are standardized in different sizes and you can find them on the stores, it can be night dresses or casual clothes), accessories, lingerie, lents, organic perfumes and creams. Currently Stella has 13 stores around the world in cities as New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan and Beirut.

In 2000, she designed Madonna’s wedding dress for her marriage to Guy Ritchie.

In 2004, she made a partnership with Adidas to create a sport collection of almost all the disciplines: run, gym, yoga, tennis, golf, etc. Also she is designing the uniforms for the Olympics in 2012.

In 2005 se created a collection for H&M, which was sold in record time worldwide (one day after launched). Then in 2007, she launched a new luxury organic cream collection and in 2008 a new lingerie collection.

In 2009, she worked with GAP to create a kids collection and after that, she decided to launch her own brand for kids in 2010.

As you can see, this designer is unstoppable, apart of her job, she makes a lot of charity, she already won many prices for designs she make for Cancer campaigns , for been a Green designer (she supports PETA) and in 2009 Glamour magazine recognized her a woman of the year.

Here are some examples of Stella McCartney collections of Summer, Autumn and Winter 2011.

And just before I go, here is little gossip, which is always good. Stella is married since 2003 with Alasdhair Willis a British publisher. Stella has three children (2 boys and 1 girl). She is best friend of Gwyneth Paltrow and that is why she used a lot her designs.

What do you think? Do you like her or do you think all her fame is due to her father Paul McCartney?

I think it is important to have a father like that, it is easier and it helps! But … I really like her designs …

See you soon!


Cannes International Film Festival

This month is full of fashion, on May 11th started the Cannes International Film Festival and at the red carpet some of the celebrities used their best outfits.

For those of you who doesn’t have a clue about what is this film festival, here is a little of history. Jean Zay, Minister of Public Education and Fine Arts created the festival. He wanted to have an event that was able to compete with the Venice Film Festival.
The first edition of the festival in Cannes was in 1946, and since then they celebrate it every May (well actually at the beginning was held on September but then in 1952 they moved it to May). In 1955 they started to give the “Palme d’or” to the best film.

At the beginning every country could send to the festival any material they wanted, but since 1972 the participant selection was hold by the Festival itself being them who decide which movies will participate. In the festival are included long films and short films having each of them different prizes according to their category.
In sum, this Festival encourages the networking and interaction between all the members of the film industry.
If you want to know more about the Festival, go to Festival-Cannes.com and you can find what is going on during the 10 days that the festival last, who are the participants and who are the jury (by the way this year the president of the jury is Robert de Niro).

Now, going back to our business … let’s talk about the fashion that some celebrities used during the Festival so far. I will show you some dresses that catch my attention because of its elegance and originality.

First lets see Uma Thurman, she is a jury in the Festival. She used in the red carpet a Versace dress that, as you can see, is very elegant and it has a touch of feathers in the skirt that makes it very feminine but not exaggerated. The second dress was used for a day presentation and it is a Dolce & Gabbana, it is simple and discrete but actually quite informal. But then, she compensated it with the Chanel dress (autumn 2008) that she used in the premier of “On Stranger Tides” which is also white but very elegant.

Rachel Mc Adams, who is involved in the new Woody Allen production “Midnight in Paris”, used two very romantic options. The first one that she used in the red carpet was a Marchesa (Fall 2011 collection) and the second one was a Maxime Simoens, I just loved both! She looks very feminine and elegant.

In the red carpet Salma Hayek used a dress from the Gucci Premiere Couture collection, which has a beautiful embroider. Nevertheless, I don’t think it was her best look, I think she looks better with more colorful outfits. The next day in the photo call of “Puss in Boots” (yes, the same cat of Shrek) she used a Gucci dress with a red floral bolero which reminds me a lot the look of Jennifer Lopez at the MET Gala, remember? Now, honestly I like this outfit much more than the one of JLo, I guess is the leather dress. What do you think?

Penelope Cruz used in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” premier a velvet dress of Stella McCartney (fall 2011 collection) that was simple but very elegant. For the premier of “On Stranger Tides” she used a Marchesa dress that honestly I didn’t like at all, did you like it?

And here is Sara Jessica Parker, in the “Wu Xia” premier using a spectacular dress of Elie Saab. I loved it!

As you can see, there are always events where we can see a lot of beautiful or horrible dresses … that is the world of fashion and celebrities and don’t deny it, we all love it!

See you soon!


A very special night at NY

One of the most important nights in New York City took place last May 3rd when the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) opened it doors to received all kind of celebrities for one of the most important annual events: The Custome Institute Gala. This year the event was to honor the visionary designer Alexander McQueen and inaugurate an exposition about his life and work: “Alexander McQueen – savage beauty”.

Although, the exposition is very interesting, this time we are going to analyze the celebrities’ outfits on that night.

One of the best dressed was Madonna with a dress from Stella McCartney, designed just for her, and as you can see she looked amazing!

Jennifer Lopez was also amazing wearing a Gucci dress. It is very impressive how she still have that body after having twins, don’t you think?

Sara Jessica Parker and Salma Hayeck both with designs from Alexander McQueen, Michelle Williams wearing Miu Miu, a very discrete design with a special touch of birds. Rene Zellweger with a dress from Carolina Herrera, as usual. And, Gwyneth Paltrow with a dress from Stella McCartney.

Freida Pinto had a dress Chanel Haute Couture and I have mixed feelings about it, since I love the fact of mixing the masculine with such a feminine design, but I am not fully convinced with the tie shape and length … mmhhh .. I don’t know, what do you think? And same thing about Rihanna with a dress from Stella McCartney, if you see it from one side it is very elegant but in the other side, where it is shorter and it shows the “nude effect” … it kind of lose the elegance.

Now, among the people who just didn’t choose the right outfit for that night is Karolina Kurkova, with this horrible dress form I don’t know who and I just don’t want to know!

Demi Moore with a dress from Prabal Gurung combined with that “royal style” hat and the accessories, were just a “too much” look. Although all those things separated are great, putting all together were just too much. And it is a pity because she is such a gorgeous woman.

Mary Kate Olsen, with a vintage design from Givenchy was just not appropriated, that look is more to go to the beach or to an informal party.

Naomi Campbell with an Alexander McQueen, suffered from the same “too much” effect as Demi Moore. That dress (which is amazing) with another hairstyle could have been perfect.

And last but not least, Kate Hudson with a design from Stella McCartney, who was just perfect since she is very pregnant. I always say that you can look amazing at any time!

Did you see how many Stella McCartney dresses? Maybe I should write a post about this designer …

If you want to know more about the event visit Vogue.com.

See you soon!


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