Color trends Fall 2011

Some of my readers asked me about the color trends for this Fall, as you can imagine they are readers from the north hemisphere, so this post will be about that, and I promise next post will be about spring color trends for the people living on the south hemisphere (as me).

According to the color trend report from the New York Fashion Week (Feb 10-17,2011), the color palette for this summer will include a mix of bright and neutral colors. Designers have mixed prints with metallic colors, and menswear with feminine details.

Color trends for women

Bamboo (yellow mustard) – warm color that fives an exotic mood to the season.
Emberglow (orange like melon) – it is compared with the yellow that comes from the fire.
Honeysuckle (pinky red) – this color will give a lot of life to your outfit especially if you mixed it with brown and dark colors. This color in lipstick … uf!
Plox (dark purple) – gives mystery to your outfits, experts suggest to mix it with neutral colors of to create more dramatic look with Honewysuckle or Bamboo.
Cedar (green olive but lighter) – this color is inspired in a cool mist on the forest.
Deep Teal (dark blue green) – here in Argentina this is what they call “oil” color, it resembles the ocean color just before the sunset.
Coffee Liqueúr – dark brown, which brings an elegant mix to your outfit, you can use this instead of black.
Nougat (camel) – a neutral color that will be a new basic.
Orchid Hush (gray with a purple touch) – great to be mixed with any color of the palette.
Quarry (gray with green) – this is another neutral color to use with all the others colors in the palette.



Here are some suggestions from the experts to combine the palette:

Bamboo con Phlox, Deep Teal and Honeysuckle.
Emberglow con Coffee Liqueúr, Phlox or Deep Teal.
Honeysuckle – Coffee Liqueúr, Nougat.
Phlox – Cedar, Deep teal or Coffee Liqueúr. More contrast with Honeysuckle or Bamboo.
Cedar – Deep Teal, Phlox or Orchid Hush.
Deep Teal – Cedar, Honeysuckle.
Coffee Liqueúr- can be combined with the entire palette.
Nougat – Phlox, Emberglow or Honeysuckle.
Orchid Hush y Quarry – can be combined with the entire palette.

Color trends for men

The palette is very similar but it includes three more colors:

Burnt Sienna (dark orange) – a basic of the season it will be used in ties, scarves and pocket squares.
Raspberry Wine (wine) – more vivid than the regular wine it has more red. Perfect to combine with Deep Teal and Cedar.

Cardet (blue gray) – a classic for this season it will be used in a lot of this season designs. Great combinations with Nougat, Coffee Liqueúr and Quarry.

See you soon!


Note: for the over 17 years, Pantone, the global authority on color had considered the survey of the NY Fashion Week designers as the valid source to define the trend colors for each season.

Business Casual for men

Every day more companies allow their employees to go to work business casual, so men do not have to wear suits anymore (unless you are a lawyer). Nevertheless, sometime is not that clear the difference between this concept of business casual and the look casual that is much more informal.

Here are some tips to consider:

1. Always remember that your clothes are going to project your personality and your professional image, so it is very important to choose the proper outfit. You want to project confidence, authority and good taste. There are many guys who prefer to continue using tie and suits because they consider that is much more easy to get ready with that outfit. I don’t share that opinion because I believe you have much more choices with the business casual look, but it all depends in what you like better.

2. Regarding the shirt, always wear long sleeve, even if it’s too hot you will look more formal. Try to choose a more dressy collar and be creative choosing designs just avoid those too colorful and extravagant. Do not stay in the typical white and blue shirt, and specially don’t think that going casual is going with the pants’ suit, and a formal shirt just with out a tie, that is totally wrong. Avoid using t-shirts and polos.

3. The best cut that you can use for pants are straight leg and flat front. Avoid the typical khakis (chinos) with rumpled front, which looks old and too informal. If you are allowed to wear jeans at your company, try a dark color, simple straight leg, avoid the baggie cut, anything bleach or with holes.

4. The final touch in your look will always be a good jacket, try to have at least two in different colors that you can mix with your clothes. Avoid jackets with big buttons, pockets or prints. You can have different jackets according to the season; the best is that a nice jacket can help you to look more formal even with jeans. If you want to use sweaters, try the “V” neck because it will show your shirt and it looks more formal. The best is to use dark or neutral colors.

5. Your shoes are very important because if you have old, dirty shoes, your entire look will be destroyed. The best for a business casual look is to wear informal leather shoes, even sneakers (avoid any other sneaker).

Another important thing to consider is your personal look, try to have a neat and tidy look every day, do not use a long beard, always avoid a lot of facial hair (and of course nasal hair is prohibited!) Also take care of your hands and specially of your nails, always have them clean and cut, if you eat them, it is a good time now to stop!.

If you have any doubt please let me know, meanwhile enjoy making combinations every morning!

See you soon!


Beautiful even with tummy

I am sure that you thought after reading the title, that finally you will be able to eat what ever you like and look beautiful! … but I am sorry to disappoint you, I am talking about the pregnancy tummy.

I got the inspiration because yesterday we went to the hospital to see the new baby of one of my boyfriend friends, then I received pictures of the new daughter of one of my NY friends and here I am surrounded of pregnant women. ( I think there is something in the air … )

First of all, being pregnant is not an excuse to get fat with no limit or to look bad. You have to take care of your weight because is healthier for you and your baby (ideally you just have to put on 9 kg during the pregnancy), and because after having your baby it is gonna be easier to get rid of those extra pounds.

And you have to look good, because … why not? My advice is that you should enjoy all the stages without trying to hide your curves; this is the perfect time to show them. So here are some things that you should avoid:

1. Do not use your pre-pregnancy clothes if they don’t fit you. I know, this is kind of obvious, but believe me, there are many women that think that a t-shirt can “expand” to any size just because it is made of cotton. No sexy at all! My recommendation is that as soon as your regular clothes are not fitting well you should buy some outfits for your new situation.

Some women just refuse to buy a new wardrobe, because they say that their pregnancy is only temporary and it doesn’t worth it. But, they are forgetting that being pregnant is not a reason to stop their life, they will continue having parties where they have to look good.  There are many specialized stores (in a wide price range) where you can find comfortable and fashionable clothes. Try to buy some basics that you can mix so you don’t have to expend a lot of money.

2. Avoid tunics and square dresses. Your body is already big so do not try to hide your beautiful tummy. The tunics will look bigger than what you are. The best cut for your body is the empire (which cut just under your bust). Here I include an example of what I am saying. As you can see although Angelina Jolie is very thin, she looks bigger in the square dress.

3. Being pregnant is not an excuse to stop taking care of yourself. I know that sometimes pregnancy makes you feel sick, but in general that is not a situation that last for nine months, so try to keep your beauty routine as usual. And what am I referring to: go to dye your hair, do the highlights, put your creams, use make up and wax as usual. Remember, you have to be beautiful at any time!

Here are some looks that you can use as inspiration if you are or if you want to get pregnant. Isabella Oliver has great designs that adjust your tummy in a very cool manner.

And before I go, one last tip. If you put on a lot of weight, once you had your baby, and you have some more energy, try to go back to your exercise routine, make a diet if you need it and try to recover your body as soon as you can, because the more you wait the harder will be.

Enjoy your baby, your pregnancy and all the options that you have to look beautiful and with style!

See you soon!


Men and their image

Because many of my readers had asked for this, from today I will start talking about image consulting for men. I know that for many of you, men do not need any help regarding their image; they just look good with what ever they put on. But then, let me ask you: why is your girlfriend or your mum, or your best friend always buying  your cloths? Or at least helping you to choose the right one? I have been in that situation many times; I had helped many friends to buy their clothes, from a pair of jeans to a suit.

Although you, gentlemen, don’t have so many areas to take care of as us ladies, I believe it is important to take care of your image as much as we do, and here is why:

1. You are constantly giving a first impression. Especially in your job because every time you meet a new supplier, client, partner or boss you are leaving in their minds an impression of your self. There is a popular saying: “You only need 30 seconds to leave a first impression”, and I will say … and a life trying to change it! The thing is that once the others create an image of you it is usually very difficult to change it. That’s why you have to create an image that projects your personality and style.

2. Different outfits for different occasions. One of the beauties of being a man is that you have the marvelous creation that can help you in almost any situation: the suit. Guys, you don’t have to worry as much as we do for a wedding or a formal event, you just threw on yourself a nice suit, a cool tie and a beautiful shirt and you are ready to go! Now … actually it sounds easy but is not as easy as it seams, because if you have this tool you have to know how to use it, no excuses! You have to learn how to choose the perfect suit for you, since this is an indispensable on your closet.

3. You don’t have makeup. Yes, is weird to hear that, but guys, you are in disadvantage with us in this point because you can’t cover your imperfections, the rings under your eyes or you cannot change your look from day to night just by adding some more color … So, what is left for you? The answer is: to be clean, neat, have a nice hair cut, use clothes according to your style and a lot of attitude. Of course there are some tricks to help your skin to look better, but in general men say that “real men do not need to put on cream” and I will say … why? Do you have plastic instead of skin? But that is another topic. My point is that since you cannot “trick your beauty” with make up you have to be careful with your image all the time.

So, if these are not reasons enough to convince you of the importance of taking care of your image, I will try to do it little by little with my posts and I hope I can make you change your mind.

Today I will talk to you about that beautiful tool that I mentioned before: the suit.

The first thing you have to know is that in your closet you need to have at least two suits, one in dark color (blue, gray or black) and another in a lighter color (gray or brown, beige, which I personally don’t like unless is linen). When you go to buy your suit, be sure that if fits perfectly to your body (if not ask for a tailor), that the fabric is good quality and that the color is good for your skin color (nevertheless ties will always help with color issues).

It is important to learn how to button up your jacket, the rule is like this: one button, your can always button up; two buttons, always the first one never the second one, if it has three buttons, always the second one, if you want you can button up the first one but never the third one. Also the best is to keep it closed when you are standing and if you sit you have to unbutton it. Never wear only the trouser of a suit, it has been made to use together with the jacket and, I know it is obvious but I have to mentioned it, always wear a belt on it.

Another important detail is about socks, those have to match with the trouser no with the shoes, and the shoes have to always match with the belt.

I hope you find this tips useful and you will be learning more every week hoping that I can help you to get the image that you want. Also remember that if you want a personalized consultancy you can buy it here too; just follow the link in the right hand side of the blog.

Let me know your opinions.

See you!


Perfect nails … really?

Last week I had a very bad time, since trying to be neat and clean I made to myself a pedicure that end up in a “massacre” of my poor toenail. I had to go to the hospital, where the Doctor gave me 4 days of antibiotics and a week of “resting” my foot to be able to start walking again. Not funny at all!

The good thing is that after my bad experience I learned that I don’t have to cut my nails so much (I always cut them till the limit) because you end up causing an ingrown nail. Especially if like me, you practice a sport like running because then your poor nails are receiving an extra effort and they will get more damage, it is like every day torture for your poor fingernails.

Any way, I learnt something and I will definitely go with the specialist next time, it was not fun to hurt myself so bad.

So, after telling you about my little “not funny” adventure, now I will talk about nails and specifically about nail polish. We all hate that when you get a manicure it usually last less than a week. And if you decided to use a dark polish, forget it, not even a week, very soon they will get damage and start to get scratched.

Not long ago, I found out an amazing nail polish that is like if you are using an acrylic but it is applied like the regular nail polish. The best thing is that it last for 15 days and your nails don’t scratched or damage in any way. Of course after 15 days you have to go and do it again because your nail grows, but the manicure still perfect until that date (that’s what they say).
Now, the disadvantages are that you have to put it and remove it on the salon; you cannot do it at your place. The thing that makes me doubt more about the product, is not knowing if at the end you damage your nails since what you are putting on them is a “semi-acrylic” (like a false nails). It supposed to be thinner than the regular one; but it covers your nails completely.

Watch the video of the product, the brand is SHELLAC:


As you can see, the product sound more than marvelous, but, is it really? Soon you I will let you know where to find it in Argentina, but by now you can already find the product in many beauty salons in Mexico, Madrid and in many places around the world.

Have you try it? If so, tell me about your experience and if you like it.

See you soon!!


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