A very square suit

Today this post is dedicated to men, so we are going to talk about suits and how to match different textures. There is a trend now that is as strong as the animal print for women, and I am talking about plaid suits. I know is only one more month of winter, but you still can use it, also the following rules can be applied for any other pattern that you want to use:


1. First of all let’s talk about general rules of how to wear a suit. The jacket has to close perfectly in your stomach and it has to fit your shoulders, the size has to be perfect for you, never bigger. The length of the jacket has to be maximum at the wrist (having your arm straight), also the length of the sleeve has to be just before your wrist, so you can show a little shirt. The pant has to be straight on your body, having a very visible straight line and they have to touch your shoes, never fall on them.

2. To use a plaid jacket with different colors, try to match the pants with one of the tones of the jacket.

3. If you are using a shinny color or a thicker fabric on the jacket, do not use the same one on the trouser. This rule applies to everything that you are wearing; if you are using a pattern on the upper part of your body; do not use it on the lower part and vice versa. Actually, avoid patterns in the part of your body with bigger volume because it will put all the attention there, and that is exactly what you will not want to do. (This rule is just the same for women and men.)

4. If you are going to use two pieces of different plaid design, they have to be of different sizes. The exception of course is if you are wearing a plaid suit.

5. If your suit has a pattern, try to use the shirt in a plain solid color, and a very simple tie. Remember that if you decide to wear a handkerchief, it has to be different from your tie, never use the same color of pattern, that was from the 80’s and it’s boring and totally out. You can match your handkerchief with your socks, or your shirt.

As you can see there are a lot of fun ways to use plaid suits and pants, all depends on your style and how you feel comfortable. Always remember that the most important thing is to be authentic.


See you soon!



Ps. Next week we will talk about the trends for Spring / Summer .

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