Rainy days

We have been under water since last year, it just can’t stop raining in all the country, yesterday finally we had a sunny day but, just for a while, because in the afternoon it was raining again, and today the same.


If you have to walk to do your daily activities, you should take care of your shoes, and look for good options to cover and protect them and be comfortable.


An option that is very trendy and fashionable, are the rainy boots, but don’t imagine those as ugly or rough boots, there are very nice and cute designs, as the following examples:

For men the options are not that fun because it will look weird if you wear long rainy boots with a suit. So, you have other options, either you buy a waterproof spray for your shoes, so you protect them, or you buy waterproof shoes; the downside is that you will not find that much variety. If your look is more informal, then you will find a wide variety of options of 100% waterproof boots, but all of them are quite informal, so be aware of that.

Regarding the perfect trench coat, it is important to consider your body shape just as you do with all your other suit and coats. If you are a woman and your lower part of the body is wider than your upper part of the body, then the perfect cut is a trench coat with an A cut and knee height. It could have pockets or buttons on the upper part since that is where you will want to direct the attention.

If you have a more curvy body with waist, you can use a trench coat with belt and straight cut. If your body is wider on the upper part than the lower part, you can also use a trench coat with a belt but be sure that it will not have shoulder pads since you don’t want to put more volume on that part of your body.

As a man is easier to chose a trench coat, always go with the more common straight cut and be sure is wide enough so you can wear a suit underneath. Knee length is good for a more formal look since it covers all your clothes, but for a more informal look you can also wear a shorter trench. There are some options that has belt, but if you have a tummy stay away of them because it will not be flattering for your body.

And don’t forget to take an umbrella, take it from home and bring it back, I am specialist on leaving them at home or where ever I go, that’s why if you come home you will find a wide collection on the entrance.


I hope you will have an excellent, and hopefully, not that wet week.


See you soon!



Men shoes

What do you think every morning about Loret de Mola’s shoes?


If you don’t leave in Mexico, you don’t know what am I talking about, so let’s me explain a little. Loret de Mola is one of the more renowned newsperson in the country, although he’s very young, he had accomplished a lot in his area, he is very respected. The thing is that I am very surprised about his wardrobe decisions, because few months ago he started to wear this kind of shoes and socks:

I know that is every time more common to see an eclectic fashion in men and women, based on your preferences more than in fashion, and it is even more notorious when we talk about shoes. Remember that your personality is reflected in the kind of shoes you wear.


In the market there are a lot of different option like Cole Haan, Stacy Adams, Steve Madden and even Emyco, all of those brands are including in their portfolio shoes Boston style, with colorful laces that contrast with the color of the shoe, something like what it’s common in tennis shoes (sport shoes).

Now a days, the shoes are becoming a new accessory in your outfit, giving a fresh, innovative and fun touch, nevertheless, it’s important to consider that this kind of shoes are more proper for a casual look.


You have to consider the fabric; color and design of your outfit to decide what kind of shoes will be the perfect match. Usually the colorful shoes look better with kakis or jeans, meanwhile a more formal and dark shoe is suggested with a suit, especially if it is a dark color suit.

For me, Loret de Mola style doesn’t make any sense, since the colorful shoes and printed socks; don’t match with his suits that are very formal. I understand that he wants to make a personal statement, showing a rebel look on his very formal work environment, but then I think he should update his suits to be more coherent.


Remember that a formal or elegant look, doesn’t have to be boring or outdated. One creative way of introduce color to your suit is through your tie, there are plenty of colorful options and your look will continue be formal. A good example of that is Carlos Montero from CNN Spanish.

The happy socks (colorful socks) give a fresh touch to the men’s look, but it is important to be careful in the way you wear them, since there are a lot of extravagant colors and prints, that are for a more casual look. The rule for using socks in a formal look, is very simple, you should always wear socks matching your trousers, if you are wearing a dark suit. In those cases, the perfect shoe will be a dark color.


So, give color to your footsteps and find the perfect balance between fashion and your look.


What image do you want to project?



At the office …

Sometimes it’s difficult to find your own style, and adapt it to the different circumstances and events in our life. But it’s even more difficult when your company has a dress code, not a uniform, and they tell you how what to wear at work, according to them.


Not so long ago, a friend had a seminar at her office where they learnt the correct dress code to go to the office, and here is what they’ve told her:


• You have to dress formal: only dark colors and the best is with a skirt.
• Low heels and pantyhose (¿???? What? Like my grandma!! Haha)
• French manicure
• Only gold or silver small accessories
• The hair length has to be no longer than the shoulder (what???)
• Discrete makeup
• Bag, belt and shoes have to combine


After this rules, all I can say is … BORING! and absurd, the company that gave that seminar (I know the company but I will not say it), thinks that an executive look has to be a dark blue nun! The worst is the rule about the low heels and the pantyhose … God!


Any way, the bad news is that for many people this boring look is the right executive look. Then, the question is … what is the right executive look? I had already talked about this in another post, but this time I will go in more detail to explain you why I don’t agree with my friends’ seminar rules.


First of all, you have to remember that you have to project your personality in every single thing that you do, do not ever leave aside your personal style. Of course you have to consider your place of work and your professional activity because it is not the same how a lawyer dress than a graphic designer.


I am going to talk about each one of the rules trying to explain why I don’t agree with what they told to my friend.


1. Low high heels and pantyhose – uf! The use of pantyhose has been a topic of debate, because if you use a dark skin color you will look like a grandma, but sometime you need to cover your pale skin so, the best is to use a transparent, not shiny very thin, skin tone pantyhose, like Kate Middleton does.

For me the best is to use color pantyhose because that way you’re using them like another accessory of your outfit, there are plenty of designs and colors and of course, it doesn’t have to be very flashy, specially not for the office, but it is possible to create a business look with them.


Regarding the use of high heels, here I will call to common sense. Of course it is not correct to take to the office your phosphorescent platforms, but it is completely right to use high heels because those will flatter your figure and help you to have an even more formal look. It is completely up to you to use flats or high heels, but it will never be bad.


2. French manicure – this is the safest manicure option because no matter what you wear it will match with your outfit. It’s discrete, but it is not the only option to have a business look. You can also have color on your nails, the point is to always have it well done, do not start eating your nail polish when you start loosing it. The only thing that you should avoid, is the new trend of having different colors in your nails, it is not really professional so leave that for the weekend.

3. Silver and gold accessories – this is kind of absurd, because definitely you can use other kind of accessories according to your style, and still look professional. Believe me, you could use small and elegant colorful accessories and still have a business look. Leave for the weekend those very big accessories, because those could be too much for the office.

4. Regarding the length of your hair – come on! This is terrible, why anybody can have an opinion about it? Everything is related to the kind of job that you have, having a shoulder length hair doesn’t mean you are more professional, you can have long hair and if it’s healthy and you take care of it, you will have a professional look. Remember, that if you have to dye your hair it is important to give a monthly maintenance to it because the roots are not nice for a professional look. Take care about that


5. Discrete make up – well this is the only suggestion that I agree with. You will not go to the office with a very heavy make up on your eyes or with a very dark lipstick, leave that for a hot date!.


Regarding clothing there are always options that could be fun, formal and according to your style, you don’t have to wear a skirt under your knee in a dark blue color to be professional. Choose fabrics, colors and textures that flatter your skin tone and create cute and fun outfits according to your profession, always projecting your style.


Remember, it doesn’t matter what are you doing or what kind of job have, you can always be yourself.


See you soon!


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