Look thinner with out a diet

Finally we have good weather here in Buenos Aires, yesterday was a sunny day, and today is not only sunny but also warm. It is time to take off the sweaters and scarves!

Today I am going to give you some tips to learn how to look thinner with out a diet. We all put on some weight after the winter since chocolate and soups were what we ate with the cold weather, agree? I know that the healthier way to look thinner is doing exercise (which I support 100%) and drop chocolates, but no pressure, that is up to you … meanwhile, here are some useful tips:

1. Use clothes that are your size, forget about the myth that oversized clothes will make you look thinner! On the contrary, those will add volume to your body! Also, avoid everything that is too tight, it will make you look bigger too … the key is to use your size, what ever it is, don’t get frustrated it’s just a number, but it has to be the right one for you.


2. Forget about the leggings and too straight pants, those will not help to balance your body, especially if your problem is on your tights. Use boot cut and straight leg and always try to use a dark color with out any extra decoration. In fact, if you have big tights the best for you either you are overweight or not, is always this kind of pants, forget about leggings forever.

3. Horizontal stripes could be not so flattering, depends on the width of the stripes, but in order to avoid any risk, go with the vertical stripes that for sure will help your body to look longer and slimmer.

4. Use the right size and shape of underwear. Believe it or not a bad choice in this area could put you on weight, since it will create bulks where you may not have any. So, be sure to use what fits you.

5. Avoid accessories that add volume to the part of your body that you want to hide. i.e.: if your problem is your tummy, avoid long necklaces or big belts because the attention will be on that area.


6. Do not use clothes with a lot of details or big pockets in the area that you want to hide.


7. It’s well known that dark colors, especially black, make you look thinner. But, you don’t need to wear always black, the same effect is created if you use the same color in top and bottoms.

8. Wear your hair up in a ponytail with a little volume on the front so your face will look thinner.

And the most important thing: what ever you wear try to feel comfortable in your own skin! You will project that to the others, and they will not even see if you put on some weight. Remember, it is all about attitude!!
So, if you are in the south hemisphere enjoy the warm spring and if you are in the north, receive autumn with fun and in the next posts I will tell you some news and tips for that season.

See you soon!


An accesory for this season

Finally spring arrives here in Argentina which is a great excuse to renew your wardrobe, and why not? Buy a new handbag that you will use during all the season.

Today I am going to present you a new company that belong to a couple of very energetic Argentinean girls that are launching a very original handbag collection and I think it worth to know them. The brand name is “CalleTanas”.

First, lest talk a little about the owners. Maca and Tina are owners and partners of “CalleTanas”, they have been sharing an important part of their lives since they are cousins and they have been sharing apartment during college; so it’s kind of obvious that now they are partners in this new adventure.

Tina was in law school and working in a law firm when her artistic soul started to flow and she decided to start to study how to built handbags, actually she dropped law school and now she is studying Fashion Design.
Maca studied Social Communications, and worked for more than five years in a multinational in the marketing area. Then, she went to Poland for work and Tina visited her to travel a little around Europe. Being in Italy, they both decided that they wanted to have their own company.
So, they came back to Buenos Aires, quit their jobs and after almost a year of preparation they launched “CalleTanas” and started their journey.

1. Why handbags?
We’ve have always loved handbags, and we wanted to have our own company. We were always very picky to choosing the right handbag for us, so we usually end up buying our handbags outside Argentina. So, we decided that we would build a handbag that we love with out having to go outside Argentina to find it.


2. What does “CalleTanas” mean?
So many things! We wanted to create a name with personality that really talks to our consumer about the product and ourselves. “CalleTanas” is about those “Tanas (Italian women) that spend a lot of time outside home”, women that spend almost all their day in the street, just like us. Women that needs to carry their make up and also their gym clothes. We want to offer them a cool handbag that will cover all their needs. A woman handbag is a life partner that share all her adventures and life moments.
Also “CalleTanas” are us, since we both have Italian roots, our last name is Bacigalupo, so every time we design a handbag we fill like we travel again to Italy, where all started…


3. What do we have to consider when choosing a handbag?
Well, first of all, it is not a rational decision, is more like “love at first sight”. Is that first contact that makes you choosing that one handbag and not any other. The decision involves design, color and texture, is that special thing and it’s different for each women. Once you pass that first encounter, you start to evaluate if it works for you, if it includes what you need, the price, etc.
In “CalleTanas” we try to make women fall in love with our products, we have a lot variety so we can satisfy every women needs.


4. How is the “CalleTanas” woman?
She is dramatic, cool, passionate, and curious. She is not only a fashion lover, she does more than that, she owns fashion and plays with it.

5. What is the difference between “CalleTanas” and the other bags existing in the Argentinean market?
We try to create styles that respect the harmony or each material; we try to give each component an important role depending on the handbag. We try to create different design so our client has many choices according to their look. “CalleTanas” is a fusion of avant-garde, functionality, quality and details.


6. What is coming for the next season?
Lot’s of color! Pink, coral, orange, purple, red, green, aqua and light blue. Mix of textures and colors. We have to recognize that we have a lot of fun creating this collection.

7. Is there a “perfect” handbag?
We don’t believe that is one “perfect” handbag all depends in who is wearing the handbag and for what does she need it.


8. Where can we buy a “CalleTana”?
We have a showroom in Buenos Aires, in Recoleta, it’s open every Thursday from 5 to 8:30pm. You can also check the catalog online or in our facebook page.


9. Now a question for you Maca, How do you feel the difference between working by yourself than been in a multinational?
It is much more intense, because here it all depends on your effort. Here I feel 100% involved and it requires more time and brains, your project become part of your personality and the product becomes part of yourself. I feel more tired but the feeling is great, every little success is huge for me!. The best is that you can manage your time and have a better quality of life. The bad thing is that every error is all yours! But that is also great, it is a big responsibility but it is a strongly recommend way of life.


10. Where does “CalleTanas” goes in the future?
We want to become the handbag that defines the Argentinean women, who love her roots but also knows what is going on in the world.

And before we finish …


What is the more important thing that defines a woman style?
Her attitude. And we believe that her handbag is a very important part of it, since it is a very personal choice and it talks a lot about the person who is wearing it.


What do you recommend to the entrepreneurs that are starting?
There is a phrase that says “good things take time” . For us the key of success is to be patient and believe in what you are doing.


See you soon!



Note: You can ask for the address of the “CalleTanas” showroom sending and email to calletanascarteras@gmail.com, or in their facebook page. One good thing to consider, is that you can pay with cash or credit card.

And we are half way …

Like every year and for every season, the fashion world turn around to see the NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, now it is the turn for the Spring 2012 collection and it will take place at the Lincoln Center from September 8th to the 15th.

This time 99 designers will show their new collections, designers as: BCBGMaxazria, Tadashi Shoji, Nicole Miller, Charlotte Ronson, Rafael Cennamo, Vexiana, KDNY, Diane von Furtsenberg, Custo Barcelona, Carolina Herrera, Rebecca Mikoff, Vera Wang, Luca Luca, Michael Kors, Elie Tahari, Ralph Lauren and Norman Ambrose among others. From Argentina there will be a group that includes designers as: Cardon, Cora Groppo, Daniela Sartori, Desiderata, Mariana Dappiano y Min Agostini.

For first time, this year the show will present new designers as Candela, Falguni Peacock, Pink Tartan, Rafael Cennamo y VLOV among others. It is expected to receive more than 100,000 guests that will enjoy the show in the three catwalks and the special locations.

Now we are half way of the week, tomorrow it will be the turn of the Argentinean team, so here are some of the designers that already showed their collections:



Max Azria and his wife created the brand in 1991 the name comes from the French “bon chic, bon genre” which is a slang for “good style, good attitude”. The brand is a combination of the European sophistication and the American spirit. It includes evening dresses, swimwear, footwear, handbags watches and a ready-to-wear line.

In 2007 they created the BCBGMAXAZRIA RUNWAY and they launched it in the NY Fashion Week with a lot of success. Today they sell their collection in more than 595 boutiques and in various countries.


Tadashi Shoji is the founder and the designer of the collection. He born in Sendai, Japan and then he moved to Tokio to study arts. He participated in the modern art movement during the sixties in Japan. During that time, Tadashi moved to the US and the studied fashion design in Los Angeles, founding his real passion. He worked with Bill Whitten designing customs for Elton John, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson’s, among others. When he graduated in 1982, Tadashi found his own signature with originals and creative designs that are sold in the more important retail stores in the US and in some other international stores. In 2007 he created the Tadashi Shoji Runway collection that was very successful and featured him in the elegant and luxury market.


Raul Melgoza born in Los Angeles and studied fashion design in New York. He was nominated as the designer of the year and he was one of ten students chosen to debut in the Parsons Annual Benefit Dinner (an event where all the Fashion Industry attend). After that event, Sack’s Fifth Avenue asked Melgoza to display his collection at their stores. In 2005, he join the brand LUCA LUCA working with Luca Orlando. Currently, Melgoza is the Creative Director of the firm creating classic clothes for the women role in the society, each design is a paradigm of perfection and elegance.


She created her first dress when she was 7 years old. Then she studied in the Fashion Arts Institute in Chicago and sold his first collection of eight pieces to many stores in New York. From then, she has been growing designing different kind for clothes for women, babies, bicycles, sportswear, handbags, shoes and clothes for men. She is well known internationally, she had been in different TV shows and she has been judge in Project Runway and Design Star. Also she is a best seller writter with 5 books to date.


She is a fashion designer with modern ageless aesthetic; her designs are very feminine, sexy and refined. She had been influenced by the cinema, contemporary art, architecture of the 20th century and exotic cultures. Miller had a mixed education between the Rhode Island School of Design and the Ecole de la chamber Syndicate de la Couture Parisienne (her mother is French). Her style and technique is a mix of what she learned in both places. The nonconformist glamour of her designs is a favorite of many celebrities as: Angelina Jolie, Halle Barry y Eva Longoria, among others. Miller work is very visible in fashion magazines, internet and the more than 1,200 stores where her products are sold. Miller also participates in environment projects as Rocky Mountain Institute and Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Riverkeeper.


She born in London and grew up in New York. In 2000 she launched her first collection that had a lot of recognition and acceptance. In 2002 she opened her boutique in the NY area of Nolita. N 2009, Ronson and Aaron Nir create the brand Charlotte Ronson International and started to grow. She has been involved in a lot of collaborations with different artists, musicians and currently she is the face of the Sebastian’s product campaign. Some of the celebrities that like to use her designs are Nicole Richie, Lindsay Logan, Kate Moss and Beyonce among others. In 2008 she created an exclusive line for Urban Outfitters that was sold in more than 100 stores and on line.

If you want to know more about the shows, catwalks and all that is happening before, during and after the shows, visit the NY Fashion Week web page.

See you soon!


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