Don’t wait any more …

Today I am in a philosophic mood; you know that once in a while I start to talk about what I think instead of just fashion. So, everything started with something that I received on Facebook which I just loved an I want to share with you:


Don’t wait for time…Make it. Don’t wait for love…Feel it. Don’t wait for money…Earn it. Don’t wait for a path…Find it. Don’t wait for opportunity…Create it. Don’t go for less…Get the best. Don’t compare…Be unique. Don’t avoid failure…Use it. Don’t dwell on mistakes…Learn from them. Don’t back down…Go around. Don’t close your eyes…Open your mind. Don’t run from life…Embrace & enjoy it.


I just loved it! It makes me think about all the happy people that have been around me lately, that are not really that happy, they just hide all their issues putting them in a little box in the bottom of their head so they don’t have to think about it or getting worried, they just don’t want to stop enjoying their “happiness”.

Does this ring a bell? If it does, is because we all have that little box with issues, pending stuff, sadness and things that we don’t want to fix, we just think is better to put them away and keep on with our lives. The thing is… why do we do that? And I say we because I do that too, it is easier to hide the problems instead of face them. We procrastinate instead of act.

But, don’t you think it will be better to face our issues and just fix them? For me the summary of the paragraph at the beginning is: ¡stop waiting … act! Uf! That is difficult because we always have something pending that we just don’t do and we prefer to keep it that way: sewing a button from a shirt, clean your closet, that drawer in your desk, start doing exercise, keep your diet, organize that trip of your life, show your love to that special person … and we can go on an on with the list of things that we all just postpone, until that list become a problem because we get worried of not doing anything.

The worst thing is, that we all carry with our little box of issues everyday, is not that we can leave it at home, it’s part of us and we will not get rid of it until we do one thing: ACT and solve our issues. Easy don’t you think? But the question is … how????

What I can recommend you, and I am not trying to be a shrink, is to start writing the things that you want to do and you haven’t done, and all your issues, so you can really see the size of your problem. It is always better to see the things instead of having all flying in your head. Once you have your list, start fixing the easy things (like the button of your shirt) and then go to the more complicated, and if you just can’t see the solution ask for help: a friend, a shrink, a coach, whomever you think that can help you. Please just don’t postpone anything, try to give a solution to your entire list or at least set a time frame so you will have a goal not just a pending.
If you do that, then you will stop carrying that box of issues and you can start focusing more in your life. Do you think you can do that?

We can apply that philosophy to Image Consulting, I have clients that didn’t come for the consultancy before, because they were waiting to loose weight, but guess what? They never started any diet or did any exercise … so their goal became a frustration and at the end they were just postponing their aim of look better. They finally came to me when they accepted their body the way it was and stopped feeling guilty about not loosing weight. I helped them to enhance their image and they just felt better and lighter because with out loosing weight they lost a big pending in their lives. When you look in the outside great, you feel inside great and your self-steam increase automatically.

Any way, if in your agenda today is the task of see what does your box of issues have inside, do not leave that for tomorrow, do it today! Take the time to analyze what you have been postponing and ACT! Do it today, because tomorrow today will be yesterday! Wow that was too philosophic I guess! Je je

Remember that if you want to change or enhance your image and you want to learn what looks better on you, how to combine your clothes and spend less money buying only what fits you, here are two things that you can do: you can buy the guide to improve your style that you will find on the top of the blog in a section called “Ebook” or you can buy the Image Consulting services were we will find together what is better for your body and your personality.

And last but not least … please go back and read the paragraph that I include at the beginning and remember … don’t wait … act!!!

See you soon!


Design and social work

Yesterday I went to the catwalk of Benito Fernández (a very famous designer here in Argentina), he was celebrating his 25th anniversary as a designer and also he presented his new collection “Virgins 2012”. The collection was nice, but I think it is not very usable since all of it is 100% seeing through, which in real life is not that easy to use.

I was going to use in this post all the information of what I saw yesterday, but I changed my mind after what happened at the end of the show. When I was going out from the hotel were the show took place, there was a group of people, shouting, and showing big signs saying that Benito is exploiting his workers because he doesn’t hire them legally and he just have them working in clandestine places and in very bad conditions. It was quite shocking to pass from the glamour to the reality!
The worst thing is that accordingly to this article from “La Voz” the information is true, and not only he does it, also two of the most important Argentinean designers are exploiting people …

So … instead of jump to another topic, I decided to change my view and look for some designer who support his employees and care about them … and I found Martin Churba, the designer of the brand Tramando.

For those of you who have no idea who is he, here is a summary of his achievements. Churba created a brand called “Trosman” with Jessica Trosman and both make a big impact during the 90´s. In 2002, he split from Trosman and he created a brand on his own, “Tramando” that is based in strategic design and experimentation. His offices are in Recoleta (a fancy area here in Buenos Aires) in a huge old house that holds his factory and his main store to the public.

In 2004, he started a project with the Cooperative “La Juanita” in one of the poorest regions here in Buenos Aires called “La Matanza”. The objective of the project was to reactivate some machines, so unemployed people can start working again sewing clothes. Churba worked with them to see what can they do, and the decision was to design white coats, that end up being everything but white. They created amazing designs that became part of the Buenos Aires Fashion week of that year and then they keep designing many clothes that had been exported to Japan.

At the same time, Churba started working a group from Jujuy (a region of the North of Argentina), called the weavers from “La Red Puna” with whom he created innovative designs that are also exported to different countries.

The most important part of all the work that Churba does, is that he is not only giving jobs to many people, he is also paying even more than other designers (they say that they receive 5 times more). Churba believes that creativity is not related to socioeconomic level, it all depends of the personal abilities and the will to create that each individual has.
Today the designers of the cooperative are working in the creation of their own brand, of course with Churbas’ support.

As you can see, not every designer in this country is like Benito and company, there are some like Churba that really help others through work, dedication and of course a lot of creativity.

See you soon!


BAF Spring / Summer 2011

Last week, the Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAF) took place having 26 designers who showed us their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The main sponsor was “Paseo Alcorta” (a shopping mall here in Buenos Aires) that had a VIP lounge decorated with the protagonist of the event: denim.

The opening was in the shopping “Paseo Alcorta” and it was in charge of the designer Maria Cher, who made a great presentation. After that, almost all the other designers presented their collection at “La Rural” that had been the house of BAF week for the last ten years.

Among the designers that are not as commercial as Rapsodia, Wanama, Desiderata or Um (stores that are present in many shopping malls), these were my favorites:

Juana de Arco – as always, design full of color and fun.

Tramando – very original designs, showing the personal touch of Martin Churba (the designer).

Marcelo Serna – warm and light designs.

Evangelina Bomparola – a very feminine and colorful collection. I loved the dresses; I think they are very sexy.

Marian Dappiano – I think her proposal is different because of the way she applied colors in each design.

Maria Vazquez- beautiful dresses full of color and movements.

This year the event was different because some of the designers had their catwalk out from the main location of La Rural, and also for first time the brand Swatch had a catwalk. To be honest, it was not my favorite but I love the brand so I will not say anything else!

If you like to watch more about the event, visit the BAF web page where you will be able to see al the designers.

See you soon!


Spring 2011 color trends

As promised here are the trend colors for Spring 2011, this is for of all us who live in the south hemisphere. As I did in the last report, the information that I am going to present comes from Pantone, the color authority who base their information in the New York Fashion Week from September 9-12, 2010.

Women color trends

The exotic colors inspired in Africa, India, Peru and Turkey gives to the season an interesting mix of warm and cool colors where opposites and complementary colors are together to create an intense palette.

The colors are:

Honeysuckle (red pink) – vibrant color which gives to the season a festivity touch. It is ideal for cosmetics too.
Coral Rose – orange tone that takes us to faraway lands.
Beeswax (yellow) – came as Coral Rose it gives us a warm sensation that takes us to other places.
Peapod (yellow green) – gives an organic element that it goes perfectly with the spring.
Regatta (electric blue) – this will add a zest to any combination.
Blue Curacao (water blue) – resemble to tropical places.
Lavender – gives the romantic and sensual touch to the palette.

Additional to these season color trends, it is important to mention that the protagonist of the wardrobe this season will be the denim (jeans), which you can combine with any of the colors from the palette.


Men color trends

It is basically the same palette just adding three colors that will give a special touch for freshness to the palette.

Barberry (dark pink)
Firecracker (dark orange)
Turf Green (gray green)

See you soon!


Color trends Fall 2011

Some of my readers asked me about the color trends for this Fall, as you can imagine they are readers from the north hemisphere, so this post will be about that, and I promise next post will be about spring color trends for the people living on the south hemisphere (as me).

According to the color trend report from the New York Fashion Week (Feb 10-17,2011), the color palette for this summer will include a mix of bright and neutral colors. Designers have mixed prints with metallic colors, and menswear with feminine details.

Color trends for women

Bamboo (yellow mustard) – warm color that fives an exotic mood to the season.
Emberglow (orange like melon) – it is compared with the yellow that comes from the fire.
Honeysuckle (pinky red) – this color will give a lot of life to your outfit especially if you mixed it with brown and dark colors. This color in lipstick … uf!
Plox (dark purple) – gives mystery to your outfits, experts suggest to mix it with neutral colors of to create more dramatic look with Honewysuckle or Bamboo.
Cedar (green olive but lighter) – this color is inspired in a cool mist on the forest.
Deep Teal (dark blue green) – here in Argentina this is what they call “oil” color, it resembles the ocean color just before the sunset.
Coffee Liqueúr – dark brown, which brings an elegant mix to your outfit, you can use this instead of black.
Nougat (camel) – a neutral color that will be a new basic.
Orchid Hush (gray with a purple touch) – great to be mixed with any color of the palette.
Quarry (gray with green) – this is another neutral color to use with all the others colors in the palette.



Here are some suggestions from the experts to combine the palette:

Bamboo con Phlox, Deep Teal and Honeysuckle.
Emberglow con Coffee Liqueúr, Phlox or Deep Teal.
Honeysuckle – Coffee Liqueúr, Nougat.
Phlox – Cedar, Deep teal or Coffee Liqueúr. More contrast with Honeysuckle or Bamboo.
Cedar – Deep Teal, Phlox or Orchid Hush.
Deep Teal – Cedar, Honeysuckle.
Coffee Liqueúr- can be combined with the entire palette.
Nougat – Phlox, Emberglow or Honeysuckle.
Orchid Hush y Quarry – can be combined with the entire palette.

Color trends for men

The palette is very similar but it includes three more colors:

Burnt Sienna (dark orange) – a basic of the season it will be used in ties, scarves and pocket squares.
Raspberry Wine (wine) – more vivid than the regular wine it has more red. Perfect to combine with Deep Teal and Cedar.

Cardet (blue gray) – a classic for this season it will be used in a lot of this season designs. Great combinations with Nougat, Coffee Liqueúr and Quarry.

See you soon!


Note: for the over 17 years, Pantone, the global authority on color had considered the survey of the NY Fashion Week designers as the valid source to define the trend colors for each season.

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